5 key Secrets to Unlocking your Full Potential

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1. Write your business ideas down

Yes, this a small step to take but I often find that getting back to basics helps with clearing a foggy, unclear mind. Writing your ideas down is a critical step to unlocking your true business potential. This simple tip will stop you from losing or forgetting your ideas. Even if they aren’t important for today save them – they are still a result of your creativity and uniqueness. Being you will give you the edge over your competitors.

So, always start with writing your ideas on a piece of paper. If you don’t like to write on a piece of paper, use tools such as Drafts or Evernote to ensure that you always have a place where your ideas will be recorded.

2. Take action

Start turning your knowledge, skills, and experience in real actions. To unlock your full entrepreneurial potential, you must unlock the three most important elements that make up your business potential energy:

  • The knowledge you already have and will have in the future – What you know to do now, and will know to do tomorrow? This part is more about how much you have invested in your knowledge until now, and how much you are ready to invest in the future.
  • The skills you have and will have in the future – What you can do now and will do tomorrow? This element is different from your knowledge because it asks do you know to translate your knowledge into practice by doing things.
  • The experience you have in doing things – What have you done previously that nobody else has done? This is the potential you have accumulated through your working experience. These are your past records or proves that you are special at something you will need to do in the future.

It’s the combination of these three elements  that will increase or decrease your business potential as a current or future entrepreneur.

3. Learn new things by embracing uncomfortable or difficult situations

Always strive to put yourself in uncomfortable situations and train your brain how to thrive in that uneasiness.

If you struggle with a certain job or activity instead of giving up you should figure out how to conquer it. It may take you month to find out what exactly works for you. It will be a constant trial and error but eventually you will find the perfect method for you. You’ll discover that everyone has different skills, and what works for some might not work for another. You just need to put yourself through these uncomfortable situations to figure it out.

4. Set yourself small goals

In order to unlock your potential, you have to start by setting small goals. Keep your eyes on the prize and set small goals that will push you towards getting the results you want and deserve.

In no time you’ll be smashing your goals and you’ll also start to discover new skills and abilities that you might have not known you had before. You can train yourself to have the courage to do more. Remember small goals eventually lead to the big win.

5. Don’t believe what people say you can’t do

More often than not, you’ll find people in your life that can make you feel less than. There will always be people that will tell you what you can and can’t do. People always told me that I couldn’t do all of these things because I was too much of this or that. But the moment I let all the the negativity go was the moment I realised I could be and do whatever I set my mind to!

By adopting these habits, you can start unlocking and reaching your full potential. And in the end, it all comes down to believing that nothing can stop you from achieving what you want to do: the only thing holding you back is yourself!

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