13 Reasons You Know Your Coaching Relationship is Working

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Regardless of the size or type of your business, working with a business coach can completely transform your entrepreneurial journey. A coach will step back and critically analyse your business from an outsiders point of view. They’ll make you work harder, more efficiently and on areas of your business that need it the most. They’ll know you and your business inside out. So who better to help you get the very best out of it?

If you’re concerned about the finances, ask yourself this. Can you afford to make this investment, and then, can you afford not to make that investment? Here are 11 reasons you really know your coaching sessions are worth their weight in gold.

You sleep better at night

Sounds simple but when your mind is stressed, you don’t sleep well. Causing you to be more stressed. It’s a vicious circle that needs removing. I good coach will help you achieve clarity immediately.

You make more CONSISTENT money

The key is consistent income. You have bills to pay monthly – the mortgage, food, utilities – you know what I mean.

It’s all well and good ditching the 9-5 and the regular income to build your dream business, remember you need regular and consistent income to survive.

Every business needs to make money otherwise it’s just a hobby. Regular monthly coaching sessions really should result in a vast improvement in your financial status otherwise you’re just wasting what you can’t afford to throw away.

Focus on PROFIT not simply turnover. There’s a great saying that is overused: “Turnover is Vanity.”

Of course be inspired by the social posts of the huge achievers and be real for you. Most business owners I meet simply would like to earn a consistent £5k a month.

You have more ideal clients

More ideal clients = more money = happy business owner. Which equals brilliant testimonials, epic case studies and amazing know like and trust for word of mouth recommendations – the golden ticket of marketing!

Remember The numbers never ever lie.

You don’t have the continual brain fog you used to

When many of my coaching clients come to me, they have 1,001 ideas for their business. In working through which will work (and which, quite frankly need never be mentioned again) you’ll have an actionable plan and ideas that are profitable and will result in a much more successful business.

It’s back to clarity and accountability – it just works.

You feel excited for your business

When was the last time you felt really excited for your business and couldn’t wait to get started in the morning? If it hasn’t happened recently, then something needs to change.

Your mind is inspired

Clearing the brain fog opens your mind to power and productivity. You’ll get inspired and have phenomenal business ideas whilst running errands, cooking dinner and doing house chores. Embrace those thoughts.

You can’t wait to see your coach each month

This is a generally a very positive sign that something is working – do you get excited to see yours each month? If you don’t, or you keep making excuses, or the times don’t work then it’s probably time to move on.

You wish to share every success with your coach

Getting a new client, reaching your monthly target or increasing your sales 10 fold. Who do you want to call to share the news with? If your coach is up there, they’re doing something right!

You’re more confident in yourself

Self confidence is a real issue within business owners. So often, you have a great idea for a business then when the issues start trying you, your confidence plummets. Without self confidence, your business will struggle. Get yours back and feel like you can take on the world.

You stretch and go for the bigger clients

In the early days of business, you may be content with working with small, niche or unheard of businesses. While there is nothing wrong with this, you know you’ve turned a corner when you’re creating proposals for global brands.

You’re happy with your pricing strategy

Pricing is a real nightmare and an highly emotional issue for most business owners. Do you price yourself cheaper than your competitors to get clients through the door? Do you overprice or just follow the rest? Years in, you still may not be sure, but when you know you’ve got it right, that’s when your coach has really excelled.


Call me an old cynic, but I just believe all the social media hype. Everyone posts their best stuff right?

Also there is an abundance of mindset coaches, and everyone bangs on about success being 80% mindset. Well I just don’t agree. You have to have a killer plan that you take action on every single day. Having a £30k or a £50k launch is amazing – so is that money in the bank? Can you replicate it? How often can you replicate it?

Having a successful business is about consistent results. Right?

Upon reflection of your working time together, you have a real sense of achievement

Being an entrepreneur is like a rollercoaster in the dark – yet, if you come away from a period of time of working with a coach, with a sense of achievement and happy with your efforts then the investment has surely been worth it.

I hope some of these points helped you.

If these points work for you and you’re sitting there happy, with just a hint of smug that is fantastic. If however you’re sitting there staring into your coffee, maybe it’s time to move on.

I love my coaching relationships with my coaches and my coachees, but it shouldn’t be a lifelong commitment. It’s ok to outgrow your coach and move on to someone who will develop you further. Be careful though, different isn’t always better, and be mindful you don’t fall into coaching addiction. Sometimes it’s good to take a break and reflect before you jump into yet another new coaching relationship.

I believe in life you get what you pay for – but do your research carefully – just because it costs £10,000 doesn’t always mean it’s better.



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