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Everyone is ill! My clients are dropping like flies… so instead of a business blog I thought we’d have a little fun. Here are 50 ways to make you feel fabulous again so you can keep rocking your business – even when you’re feeling under the weather.

  1. Put on your fave lippy. The one that makes you feel important, sassy and totally sexy. You can conquer the world with the right lipstick (and shoes!)
  2. Pump up the volume! Play your favourite song. Stuck for business inspiration or just feeling lethargic? Music can really transform that and get you in the mood for creativity.
  3. Power walk it out! Stressed, overwhelmed or feeling swamped with work? The powers of fresh air and the great outdoors can leave you feeling revitalised and ready for anything.
  4. Box set anyone? Getting lost in a chick flick really allows your subconscious to kick in and lets your business brain switch off, essential for health and happiness.
  5. Have a facial. Release the endorphins, remove the toxins and put your best face on.
  6. Massage. As above – relaxation is king.
  7. Make a list of your achievements over the past 12 months. You’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished – small or large – they all get a mention.
  8. What’s the best compliment you’ve been given since you’ve been in business? Maybe a review or testimonial. Print it out. Read it out loud and write it and display its proudly in your office.
  9. Have a social cull. Do you really need those people who you’ve never met but take up valuable space in your timeline? No.
  10. Have a Facebook group cull. You really don’t need to be in 20 different groups. Choose 3 that work for you and focus on those.
  11. Buy yourself some flowers. A lovely bouquet heightens your senses, filling your room with fragrant loveliness and beautiful colour.
  12. Get some new stationary. A fresh pack of Sharpies (my fav) or a new notepad can be just the little nudge you needed to get your planning and strategy back on track.
  13. H2O. Dehydration can make you feel as bad as a night of too many Gin’s. Stay hydrated and your brain will stay in peak performance.
  14. Immerse yourself in a great book. Getting lost in a good book has similar qualities to watching an epic movie – just put your feet up, sit back and enjoy.
  15. Mini break? Even just 1 night away can leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised, leaving you ready for whatever the business world may through at you.
  16. Downward dog anyone? Yoga improves concentration, releases endorphins and leaves you feeling relaxed. Bliss.
  17. Clear your head with meditation. Meditating for just 10 minutes a day can help you control stress, decreases anxiety, improve cardiovascular health and achieve a greater capacity for relaxation.
  18. Always in a rush? Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier – those extra 15 minutes in your day can make a whole world of difference.
  19. Spontanity rules!. Say yes to cocktail hour or a girls shopping trip.
  20. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself a duvet day and start a fresh tomorrow.
  21. Mind map. Mind maps are a great way of getting everything in your head, onto paper. From there you can plan into a more actionable list with priorities and preferences.
  22. Green Tea.  Takes like grass (yuk) but green Tea is loaded with nutrients and polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins, which act as powerful antioxidants.
  23. Write your 3 biggest goals – what would achieving them mean to you? Now how are you going to get about getting them?
  24. Try a new hobby. Whether it be an individual hobby or something you can do with a partner or friend, trying new things stimulates a part of your brain so often underused.
  25. Bake Off for you. The joy you’ll feel when your baked delight comes out of the oven and is enjoyed by the family will fill you with a feel good factor.
  26. Replace worrying with wondering. Instead of worrying about something, wonder what the best outcome may be? How may this benefit you? Instead of how may this trouble you.
  27. When you plan your week, be sure to schedule time for YOU. Have a bath, light a candle and read a book. That time is precious so enjoy it.
  28. At the end of every day, write down 4 things you’re really proud of and 1 you’d like to perfect by the following week. Positivity positivity positivity!
  29. Cashmere socks –  or that you love and wear around the house. Who says you can’t wear a cocktail dress when working from home?
  30. Call your BFF. Time spent discussing everything from date night to dinner options with your best friend in the world can make you feel so full of joy.
  31. Mani / Pedi.  Perfectly polished talons = everything is in control. Plus a hot colour can brighten even the dullest of days.
  32. Chocolate. The second best treat food after the aforementioned cake! I’m not saying eat it every day but an occasional treat can do no harm.
  33. ALWAYS focus on the positives. Had a particularly testing client meeting or review? Don’t focus on the negatives – focus on how you can make the next month/quarter better and create an actionable plan to do so.
  34. Crack open the bubbles. Every week should end with Champagne and the celebration of another week of health, life and sanity.
  35. Focus on what you CAN change rather than allowing yourself to suffer as a consequence of something you can’t change.
  36. Give someone a compliment. Whether it’s a barista or a colleague, the emotions we feel when making someone else feel better can transform even the worst of days.
  37. Have a day out. Book your train tickets, go for brunch and do something fun!
  38. Book some family time. Everyone’s busy, be sure to make time for those nearest and dearest.
  39. New underwear. Yes, even if no one sees it, knowing you’ve got it on will put a smile on your face!
  40. Get to the beach! There’s something about being at the beach that is just so relaxing. Embrace the waves and go botanical.
  41. Go somewhere you find calming, such as an Arboretum, a Beach or a National Park.
  42. Stay away from socials for a day and just focus on the good things around you, rather than the never ending comparison against others.
  43. DIY. It’s amazing what a new set of curtains, a new scented candle or moving furniture can do for your interior aura.
  44. Enjoy your food. All too often we focus on whether things are good for us, bad for us or should be wholly avoided. For one day only, eat what you want, and enjoy every last mouthful.
  45. Get a great hair cut. Sometimes it really is the little things, close to home that can make the biggest of differences.
  46. Celebrate your health. Not everyone can be so fortunate so be thankful you have yours.
  47. Get your favourite peeps together and fill the room with laughter. Bring some of your favourite people together and just enjoy yourselves, knowing you made it happen.
  48. Be the very best version of yourself. You can’t change who you are, so just perfect what you have.
  49. Feeling baffled? Speak to someone. Whether it’s another business owner, a best friend or your coach. A problem shared is a problem halved.
  50. Finally self care again! It’s ok to put yourself first and to carve out time for you and only you!

Still feeling baffled? Get in touch with a coach and see how they can really transform you, your personal life and your business.




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