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So a year in business and we’ve learned so much… we’ve made so many mistakes, but we have taken the learning – some were cringe worthy, some were just downright stupid! I am happy to say there were a few moments of genius.

So its time to take it up a level, what could go wrong? A proven business coaching formula that gets results – no matter what.

So stage right enter the PR guru who I have been watching for years, the pocket rocket that is Fiona Scott Media Consultancy I am excited and just a little bit scared of working with PR, but I know nothing and I stand by “do what you do best and outsource the rest.”

I have plans, I have big plans and PR is part of the plan.

So as part of my inoculation into PR the Master Fixer I’m off up to London to attend Your Year in PR 2017 #YYIPR17 with Janet Murray

I have been part of Janet’s Facebook group for about 12 months, listen to her podcasts, bought her 2017 media diary (which was brilliant BTW) and I suppose you’d say I have been celebrity stalking her for a while.

So its time for some personal development to stretch my mind, develop my skills and embrace a new way of thinking. I’ve planned my trip, got new stationary and I’m staying with a lovely friend who is also attending – I’ve even got wine gums for the trip – feels like an excited school trip.

I’m ready, The Master Fixer is ready to grow up!

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To your success!


Linda x

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