Is your relationship killing your business?

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My theme of March is ‘You’re Worth It!’ Because, let’s face it, you are. Every single one of you has started your own business and your own empire. You’ve taken that courageous step into entrepreneurship, which totally makes you a boss. So I intend to guide you through March, giving you the help, support and love you need to make this month your best yet. Are you ready? Let’s go…

First off, ask yourself this. Do you know if your relationship is killing your business or not?

There’s always a lot of talk about your business killing your relationship as many work widows take the second spot in your list of priorities. Late nights, working away from home and never truly switching off are regular issues faced by the other halves of entrepreneurs. But what if we look at it from another angle. Could your relationship be killing your business?

Family life has a big impact on our working selves. If you’re happy at home, you’re more likely to be happy in business and will therefore make better, wiser and more calculated decisions. That goes without saying.

But if you’re unhappy in your personal life, the same rubs off into your professional life. Unhappiness within you can actually lead to you making poor business decisions both on a managerial and a financial level, neither of which are risks you’d want to take.

How to tell if you’re affected…

Think closely to your professional capacity over the last 3 months. Now hone in on the errors and mistakes that you made. Were they made as a genuine mistake or a misunderstanding, or, were they made because your mind was wandering elsewhere? You may have been distressed, upset or concerned. When your mind isn’t fully focused on the job in hand because you’re subconsciously unhappy, you’re less likely to make correct decisions. The impact of which could be lethal.

When your mind wanders, you’ll spend longer trying to complete tasks as well as making irrational decisions dissimilar to your usual standards. Our minds have a huge amount going on and we ask an incredible amount from them. So for best practice and business success, yours needs to be in the best place possible.

So, what next?

If you’ve established that your relationship is having a detrimental impact on your business health, happiness and success then it’s time to get real.

Do you really want that relationship dragging you down?

Unfortunately it is a case of business versus your other half and deep down, you’ll know the answer to this. But if you’re struggling to come to the decision, answer these three questions.

  1. If you keep both your relationship and your business, will your relationship improve?
  2. Which would you rather lose? Relationship or business?
  3. How would you feel if you made a huge error at work that impacted on someone else’s life, simply because your mind was elsewhere?

We often get caught up in life and assume that our current partner will be ’the one’ without actually thinking if we want them to be. Removing the cause of your unhappiness may seem like a massive change for now, but it will actually have many positive benefits further down the line and trust me, your business will bloom like a fresh flower at Spring. You can do this and you can make your business be your true love. You’ve just got to have faith.

Another way to think about it is that when you’re an entrepreneur and in a relationship – there’s 3 of you in the relationship. You, your partner, and your business – and sometimes the lines and priorities get blurred. An entrepreneur loves what they do (most of the time) so when you sit there in the evening with your phone or device (or both) pinging and buzzing away – your partner looks daggers at you as they think you’re “playing” on Facebook and have NO IDEA you are running your business and it just doesn’t stop because they want some one-on-one time! So if you want to stop feeling like your cheating on your partner with your business or visa versa have a look at a blog I wrote last year  5 ways to avoid notification fatigue to avoid the lines being blurred.

So if you don’t know whether your relationship is killing your business, or your business is killing your relationship then maybe it’s time to STOP and take stock.



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