How to avoid the worst month of the year – May

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We are 5 days in and it’s been fairly full on in recent weeks, but hopefully like me you’ve woken up to a beautiful sunny Saturday morning, but back to business – so recently we’ve had

  • Gender Pay Gap
  • New tax year / Year End
  • The GDPR Hype

May is your biggest challenge….. maybe you’re just getting over the Easter holidays and revving back up to speed and there it is BAM! Two Bank Holidays in the UK and a school half term! You have got to be joking!!!!I guess the only consolidation is that the weather is starting to get better – finally!

On a positive note we have a Royal Wedding and a new royal baby to look forward to in May and on a personal note it’s my birthday and my wedding anniversary, and I’m on holiday at the end of the month.

By the time May has finished we will be half way through the year – are you 50% of your annual goal you set yourself on January 1st? You could argue that as we sit here we’re already half way there – as usually NOTHING happens in December. So what can you do? Simple….

So let’s get real about May and plan to avoid the May madness.

Ok let’s get serious these are all hurdles that we’ve known about for months. It’s the same every year so lets plan for it. Choose to have a brilliant month of May and set yourself up for success. It’s not as if we didn’t know about the Bank Holidays and the ~Half term – come on – get real! This is your business!

Take an hour out, plan time to plan your business….

  1. Set yourself reasonable action goals that you will DEFINITELY do this month and WRITE THEM DOWN
  2. Break down the month – commit to doing something for your business every single day – it doesn’t have to be huge, small baby steps every day are fine as long as you are consistent and moving forward.
  3. Set micro goals and celebrate every single achievement
  4. Outsource what you can
  5. Get in contact with your current, legacy and potential clients who have expressed an interest but not committed… yet! Ask for the business and expect success

Finally, spend 20 minutes every day – thinking / planning about your business – you’ll thank me honestly.

My theme for this month is SUCCESS – so lets plan for success together and join me on my business Facebook page for great hints, tips and strategies…

Let me know how you get on…






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