4 Top Tips to Declutter Your Mind

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In most aspects of our lives, a little clutter doesn’t hurt: be it in our wardrobes or in our cars. But the most distracting and debilitating cluttered space is in our heads. A cluttered mind usually results in us trying to run in ten different directions at once, with the end result being that we haven’t got very far at all. So, here are my top tips for decluttering your mind:


Set Priorities:

As a working adult, you have to juggle multiple responsibilities and, on occasion, this can make us all feel hopelessly caught in what seems like a never-ending to-do list. Right?

My advice if this ever happens to you, is to set priorities. Create a list of your top priorities and assess whether your current actions reflect the goals you have. If not, make some changes. You may be bored of hearing about the necessity of planning now if you have read my other blogs, but I repeat myself for a reason! If you write down your priorities and follow these up with an action plan that best reflects your end objective then you are much more likely to be using your time efficiently and effectively!


Avoid Multi-tasking:

Sounds counter-productive, doesn’t it? Wrong. Doing a million things at once is just a trick we play to convince ourselves we’re on top of it all. In actual fact, multi-tasking can decrease our productivity by 40%, as well as limiting our attention span, increasing stress and creating additional clutter for our brains to filter out irrelevant information! Not really what you need as a small business owner…

Following on from the point above, use your top priorities to make a to-do list for each individual day (make sure it is realistic!). Then, start with the most challenging task. Once the hardest thing is out of the way, I usually find that the rest of the day feels a little lighter and I am more motivated to get things done.

Multi-tasking results in a lot of half-measures. Take one thing at a time and then move onto the next.


Declutter Your Workspace:

 From time-to-time I will notice my computer screen becoming gradually harder to find due to a wall of post-it notes. This is when it is I find it is time to have a little clear out. Did you know that the average person wastes 4.3 hours per week searching for paper? You do now! A cluttered work environment generally results in a more cluttered mind, increasing stress and reducing productivity. Start by assigning everything a place, get rid of the non-essentials and stay on top of the post-it notes!


Learn to Say No:

It’s a common philosophy to assume that saying yes to everything will gain you more success, however, I have found that this can in fact do the opposite. As Steve Jobs said, “the real value comes from saying no” and who’s a better businessman to follow than him? Saying no can become your new default, this will increase your productivity as you won’t be weighed down by useless tasks, and therefore your business can thrive on the elements you truly put your heart into.

Productivity isn’t about doing the most but about doing the best you can on the things that matter- your business!


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