How to Scale Up Your Business Efficiently- An Intern’s Perspective:

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You may or may not now know that Linda- The Master Fixer- has taken on two (lovely) interns in recent months. Here at MF HQ, this month is all about scaling up your business as efficiently and effectively as possible and Linda thought this might be a good opportunity for Lalaine and I (Rosie) to come together to write a blog about how we think successful businesses become just that- a successful business.

It’s fair to say that the title of an ‘Intern’ isn’t one that is associated with glitz and glamour; when I think about what is expected of an intern I imagine being on the coffee rounds and putting paper into envelopes. Well, fortunately for Lalaine and myself, that’s not the case here. But as an intern, it is easier for us to view the business from a more objective standpoint; we have less invested, so naturally it’s easier for us to view the business with less bias than you might as a business owner!

We thought we would share with you what we think makes a successful business, and what we enjoy about working with Linda! So please have a read of our top tips, and we hope you enjoy!

Tip Number One: Outsource.

If you have ever spoken with Linda you will have heard her say this- Do what you do best, and outsource the rest! It’s pretty much the Master Fixer motto. But, understandably, when you’ve slaved over your business concept for such a long period of time and really grown it from nothing, handing over control to anyone else isn’t something that you want to embark on lightly. What if these people can’t meet your standards? What if they ruin what you’ve created?!

I will get further into these points in a moment, but this is unlikely to happen if you communicate properly to your staff and put a bit of effort into hiring the right people in the first place!

As Linda did with us, you can always start out by delegating smaller tasks and gradually build up to the bigger things once you are assured of your new team members abilities!

Tip Number Two: Communication.

Following on from the point above, another thing that we believe really separates the average-joe business owners from the really successful business owner is an ability to clearly and concisely articulate themselves.

As interns, our jobs would be made a million times harder if Linda didn’t make it clear to us about what she expected, how she expected it, and when she expected it! Having clear guidelines to follow and standards to meet really does allow for us to deliver high quality work.

Setting these guidelines and standards might sound like more work for you initially, and work that you don’t have time for, but in the long-run it means we can keep the business churning when Linda is consumed with all things business coaching! Clear and frequent communication takes away the need for micromanagement and avoids the costly mistakes that can occur as a result of miscommunication.

As well as this, we all are aware that when someone is able to speak with authority and confidence that it’s easier to view them as the expert they say they are! Whether you work for yourself, or you’re an employee for a massive company, you need to be able to communicate with people well. It really is something worth investing time on.

Lalaine and I have discussed (at length!) our hatred of public speaking, but strangely we both had the same solution to the problem: For both of our university courses, presenting was a big part of it. We are in no way suggesting that we have overcome our fear entirely, but weirdly we both turned to YouTube and watching Ted Talks to help us improve! If you feel like you don’t know where to begin, we both highly recommended starting with this!  

Tip Number Three: Plan.

Our final tip to you, from an intern’s perspective, is to plan. We are more than confident that this isn’t the first time you have heard this gem of advice- but it really really does help!

Planning helps you with all aspects of life, but especially with the two pointers we’ve given above! Planning can help you identify your weaknesses and the tasks that you should outsource, it will also help you to develop your guidelines of what you expect from your staff and help to set the standard.

Not only this but a thorough plan will help ensure you know where you want to go in future, where you are now, and the mistakes you want to avoid.


So if you really do want to scale up your business, these three simple things should help you get to where you want to be!

We hope you have enjoyed our advice!

Rosie and Lalaine x


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