My 2018 in Review

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It’s that period between the hype of Christmas and New Year. Typically busy in my household as it’s my husband’s birthday on the 27th, so when you’re starting to think about stopping with all the excesses we have another celebration. So I manage to carve out some reflection time to evaluate what worked and what did not! In 2018 I had some great wins and some EPIC failures.

So as we approach the end of the year, it’s been really powerful to take some time to reflect and take the learning – always the learning.

From the outside it’s easy to project this glossy image of what being a successful business owner is like, the travel, the laptop lifestyle, the great reviews and brilliant client successes. But it’s important to me that to be transparent. As it not all lap top lifestyle and sunny postings.


?Started the year as a fledgling year old business with hope and excitement for the future.

?My goal was always to develop a stable and consistent monthly turnover and I knew I couldn’t do it on my own, so I invested big time in a new coach and it scared me!

?Had so many client wins, clients doubling and trebling their income. Several 5 X their turnover and one even 10X their turnover whilst we worked together.

?My larger businesses clients built solid platforms for growth, stabilised their processes, their teams and workforce and achieved double digit growth.

?Developed deepening relationships with clients and loved evolving the mentoring and business advisory element.

? Utilised all my previous process expertise to help my clients develop systems and processes for their businesses.

?Some larger clients developed brand new products and services and achieved 22 x ROI for business coaching.

?Realised I get so much more excited about my clients success and growth.

?I got featured in some pretty good press myself including being interviewed by the BBC, Thrive Global, 5 Live, Women on Top, The Daily Telegraph and being asked to comment on The Apprentice which turned into a regular writing gig for Real Business.

?I co authored an international best selling book and became an international #1 best selling author.

?I’ve travelled with business and attended my first (life changing) business retreat in LA.

?I co hosted a sell out Scaling Summit in my hometown.

?I grew the team and we grew to a team of 4 and love working with them.

?We launched The Non Millennial Revolution – the fastest growing movement for the 40+ woman and it’s so exciting.

? I was interviewed on TV in LA about The Non Millennial Revolution on Good Morning LALA Land and loved it!

? Was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year.

? Was asked to teach at my coach Niyc Pidgeon’s retreats in 2019! Wow just wow!

?Learnt a lot about myself, others, my values and how I want to show up in the world.

Learnings – the good and the bad and the bloody ugly!

✅I am more motivated by supporting and celebrating my clients wins and achievements than my own.
I still passionately support the idea that to help the small business owner consistently earn £3,000 – £5,000 per month is powerful. It is life changing for them! Not everyone wants or needs to earn 7 figures!

✅Realised that when you agree to collaborate it’s critical to make sure the roles are well defined and you all stay in your own lane.

✅Realised that although others may be more dogmatic, pushy and “on it” when selling, actually over time it’ll all work itself out!

✅ LDC stick to your guns. Don’t be bulldozed into anything just for a quiet life. Your gut is usually right!

✅Had my goodwill and over giving nature taken advantage of over and over again. Learnt that contracts are SO important in business!

✅Realised I was trying to be all things to all people and I dropped some balls, and some people choose to take advantage of the situation.

✅Recognised that when I’m up against it, my go to is to go to ground and probably not the best idea!

✅Concluded that although it’s so easy to compare to others, what you see is probably only 50% accurate.

✅Realised that my original goal of a consistent and steady income goal that steadily increases is far more important than the roller coaster income that some claim! And actually it’s most people’s goal – consistent income.

✅Resisted offering group coaching for so long, as I love one to one. Should have listened to my coach and embraced it earlier.

✅Struggled with FB lives – thought I needed to “look” the part all the time, and realised it’s not how I look, but what I say and the knowledge and experience I share will be the difference.

I’m grateful for all of the things that weren’t so positive this year as they’ve enabled me to learn so much and grow as a coach, mum, business owner and human being. ?

I hope this shows you that there are always two sides to running successful businesses. So there’s never any point comparing to others as social media only gives you the shiny highlights!

Here’s to a 2019 that is just as successful and just as filled with growth and earning ?

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