2019 Resolutions, Desires or Intentions?

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It’s that time of the year… 2 days to go until we close the door on 2018 and open up to the excitement and endless possibilities of 2019.

Clearly like everyone else, I’ve taken some time out to review 2018 and set some time aside to clearly consider the coming year. I did all the business planning weeks ago, but I wanted to set some time aside for me to consider my personal direction for 2019.

So do you want 2019 Resolutions, Desires or Intentions? Well let’s face it your resolutions are likely to be done and you’ll be so over them by Blue Monday, this year is Monday 21st January – if you’re lucky!  And definitely by the time you can say David Lloyd – so try this as an alternative…

If you want a better 2019… Get out of your own way, get over yourself and stop all the bullshit you tell yourself! Too harsh? #Sorrynotsorry

Lots of people have been posting about their “word” for the new year. I’m not sure a word is going to make a difference, but it could provide an over arching theme, a guiding principle and a compass for the coming year. Something to keep you grounded and on track, something to keep you in your lane.

For me, 2018 was about GROWTH and LEARNING (well let’s face it it’s always about learning). So I guess they were my words.

For me 2019 is still about those two key elements but a deeper understanding of how I am geared and my intentions for the coming years, yes years plural not just 2019!

So for me my 2019 words are INTENTIONS

Last week I had a strategy call with my coach where she shared her desires for 2019, there were 21 of them and it struck a chord. So, I already have business goals, a 5 year goal, goals for 2019 and then I’ve broken them down in the half year, quarters and monthly goals. But intentions and desires now that’s different, more creative and much much more scary.

So I’ll kick it off….

  1. I desire to grow a stable and sustainable profitable business that generates consistent and growing PROFIT
  2. I desire to land my book deal with Hay House by my birthday 28th May.
  3. I desire to speak on stage in LA, New York, London and Dubai.
  4. ….

Have a think about what your desires are…

What’s going to make the biggest difference for 2019? How quickly we recover from the errors and failures we have, not from the failures we avoid! So fail forward, and be a serial learner.

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Here’s to a 2019 that is just as successful and just as filled with growth and earning ?

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