7 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Prices on Your Website

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Ahhh, pricing. The bane of every biz owner’s existence – especially if you have a service-based business. Do you list the pricing on your website? Do you do a “starting at” price? Or do you leave it off altogether?

Well, it kind of depends on your business. But there are quite a few reasons why listing pricing, or at least a “starting at” price, is a good idea.

I guide all my coaching clients on how, how much and when to price. It’s one of the key areas that causes fear and fires up their imposter syndrome. I use many strategies, years of experience to call upon and I urge them to always keep it simple.

I am often reminded what my Nana always said “if you go into a shop and you have to ask the price it’s likely you can’t afford it.” I know it sounds silly but it’s always there in the back of my head. 

People like transparency. Full Stop! 

1. Say goodbye to pressure selling. 

If someone loves your services and they have to email you to get pricing, you might never hear from them. Why? Well, first of all, it means they need to take an action that they might not take. If they’re scrolling through your site and don’t see prices, they might not want to find your email, open up their gmail, write a draft, shoot it over, and wait for a response.

If customers feel like they have to ask for the price, they may feel they’ll be pressured to buy. Making the process easy and stress free for your clients could help you in the long run. Your website should have everything you would  include in a sales pitch. That means a portfolio of jobs you have done, any relevant information and of course some kickass testimonials that will turn heads and grab their attention. 

2. Saves their time.

Whoever I speak to, whether its clients, friends or family, I get the same response. Everyone is up to their eyeballs with work, it’s manic, time is short and there is a never ending to do list with over 100 items on it. So, why would you want to give your potential customers just another job to do? Make it as easy as possible for them. Make it a no brainer!

3. Saves your time. 

If your pricing isn’t on your site and people keep emailing you for a quote, responding to those emails is gonna take a ton of time. Having your pricing on there allows potential clients to figure out what your services will cost them without you having to respond to every single email inquiry. Streamline your process and make it easy to work with you. If you make it too hard they’ll go elsewhere! Cut out that extra work! 

4. Brand your business. 

Set the trend. Set yourself apart. This is YOUR  brand. People will pay what you position IF they believe you are worth it!

5. Weed out your non ideal clients. 

It’s bound to happen; someone will read about your brilliant service, love every word of it, ask you a million questions then before you know it you’ve emailed back and forth a dozen times only to realise that they can’t afford you. In the same vein as saving yourself time, listing your prices on your site allows you to weed out those people who aren’t your target customer for budget reasons. 

6. Give yourself and others clarity. 

When you have your price listed on your website, you’re being clear with what people can get for their money. Perhaps you’re cheaper than others or maybe you’re more expensive than your competitors – but that is YOUR price and you should be proud enough to keep it public. Remember – if someone wants your services, they’ll find a way to pay for it. 

7. What if your pricing varies?

Sometimes, pricing varies – you can’t always help this! 

If you’re listing your services and it seems like your price list is getting really long and complicated – take a step back. Maybe it’s best to do a shorter, more concise “starting at” price list. This allows you to give a ballpark range, while still giving tons of wiggle room for different options. 

I strongly believe that putting your prices on your site is one of the magical keys to a successful small business. 

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