The Four D’s

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Email is the communication king. Quick, easy and free, it’s the chosen method of communication  for many business owners. Email offers us the flexibility of working hours, allowing us to work on the move and can help reduce your stress, and increase our efficiency exponentially.

But did you know that a study found that one in three office workers suffers from email stress. Is that you? Making a decision the first time you open an email is crucial for good time management.

I advise and encourage practising “The Four Ds”:

  1. Delete: You can probably delete half the emails you get immediately.
  2. Do: If the email is urgent or can be completed quickly.
  3. Delegate: If the email can be better dealt with by someone else.
  4. Defer: Set aside time later to spend on emails that require longer action.

As with so many things, it all comes to discipline and self-management. You need to ensure you have a system in place that works best for you and that you can adapt when required to suit you and your business. Emails are an incredible tool. Just don’t let them overrule the running of your business!

I do not take credit for these fab tips but I flippin LOVE them – they are #brilliant. If you want to read more about these suggestions, just click here to read the Forbes article i found!

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