The 3 Cs of life and business: chances, choice, change.

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In both our personal and professional life, there are always three things which can happen to us and can be altered by us; chances, choice and change. The 3 big C’s.


Chances in business can loosely be described as an opportunity. It’s an opportunity for us to try something which may not have been readily available beforehand. It may be a chance meeting, a chance client or a chance to grow your business with the help of a professional of investor. Your gut feeling will always tell you whether or not you should take the chance. Will it result in more income without too much additional work or stress? Or will the increase in workload not result in additional income linearly as one would hope? Write down the options, time invested, finance invested and the outcome to clarify if this is a chance to take.


We’re lucky to have choices in life, and the same applies for our businesses. It was your choice to set up your own business and it’s your choice how you choose to run it. So it should also be your choice on how you choose to manage your business from a customer relations point of view right through to setting your prices and invoicing strategies. Choose wisely and ensure your choices are stated in your business terms, on your website and when you invoice. If you’re not happy with how something in your business is running, you have the choice to change it. That’s one of the many perks of running your own business!  


Change in business should not be shied away from. Yes it can be scary but can also be healthy for you and your business and give you a chance to rectify or perfect something that hasn’t been running so smoothly. How you feel about your working life has a serious impact on how you feel in your personal life. So if you’re unhappy or particularly stressed within your professional capacity, it will almost definitely rub off on your personal life and may affect your relationships, your health and your sanity. You can’t expect to run your business successfully if you’re feeling this way so change is encouraged. Even changes such as staffing, routines, your business plan or pricing can really have a positive impact.

Sometimes however, change can happen without us having any control over it, such as, if a staff member leaves, the market changes or as a result of a political negotiation such as Brexit. In this instance, you have to do all you can to ensure the change is as smooth as possible, both for yourself and for your team. Once you’re aware of the change, make a plan. Invoice your team and get creative. Manage the change effectively and you’ll soon see it as a good thing.

You have the chance to make a choice and embrace the change. You can do it!


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