5 top ways to get results not excuses!

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Business owners are busy people. That’s no secret. Instead of making excuses they make a plan. They set goals. They monitor their productivity, results and actions to ensure time and resources aren’t being wasted and that the end result is what was aimed for. Having an accountable list in which to work from not only gives you targets to aim for, but allows you to monitor your progress.

These top 5 tips will ensure you stay on the path to success, managing your time, skillset and business effectively and efficiently.

  1. Goals should be set, monitored and aimed for at all times. Whether it’s a small daily goal, the 3 month goal or a 5 year plan, your goals should be succinct, detailed and challenging whilst driving you towards them. Write them down. Share them with someone. Make the major goals visible to you every day, twice a day. As the great Benjamin Franklin once said, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
  2. It’s all too easy to start your working day and get lost in a plethora of emails and never ending social media updates. You have to be strict with yourself way before you even start work. Planning what needs to be done the night before focuses the mind and allows you to start your working day with a plan in place. There’s no time for messing around.
  3. Choose your team. Stating you were under staffed, ran out of time or didn’t have chance to complete a piece of work are unacceptable excuses in the world of business. With some careful planning and some invested time, these excuses can be wholly avoided. Having a reliable team who you can depend on, trust and value their work will soon be the backbone of your business, and when you have those in place, you’ll wonder how you ever coped beforehand.
  4. Closely following on from point 3; delegate. As your business grows you will realise that you physically (and mentally) can’t do everything. It’s just not possible. You can’t do your business management, run the business, book keeping, accounting, emailing, social media, find new business, advertising, marketing and customer relations and still expect to hold on to your sanity. Delegating is terrifying, but will free up more of your time so you can focus on the part that is most important to your business. “Do what you do best and outsource the rest.”
  5. Find a coach or mentor you trust. So often, business owners have 101 things that need to do and another 101 things that are ideas they have for moving forwards. In this instance, there is too much going on resulting in little action taking place. You need clarity and speaking through your ideas and plans for your business with a qualified mentor can be all the clarity you need.

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