6 ways you can leverage the new Facebook changes for your business

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There’s been so much scaremongering since the changes to Facebook were posted on 12th January 2018 by Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook. Here’s the entire post >> https://www.facebook.com/zuck/posts/10104413015393571

Essentially FB want us to focus and  concentrate on ‘meaningful social interaction’, and away from the news heavy, bonkers Gif ridden mess that it has become over the past few years. The focus is shifting to a personal connection rather than a content splurge. That’s great news for businesses – right?

I believe it is great news for our business and our clients. It was exhausting seeing content that sparks no thought let alone a meaningful conversation. People trying to get attention all day long targeted only to get few comments and likes. I saw a great post supporting the change: “Spray-ers and prayers will not survive the Facebook game.”

Talking at your audience will no longer reach those you talked at. (People are really sick of boring top 20 lists). Instead conversations, interactions and meaningful relationships are the future. Back to old fashioned and time evidenced build real deeper relationships and build your “know me, like me, trust me” values.

That’s all we’re focused on in our business and in our clients’s businesses.

 Content that is intended to discuss.
 Content that is intended to be shared.
 Content that focused on building relationships and not on sales!

So instead of bleating on with the moaners and the negative talking I’m choosing to focus my efforts on developing meaningful social interactions – after all Mark Zuckerberg is a gerzillionaire so he must have a point!

Here are my initial top 5 recommendations to enable you to take control of the situation and take action. I feel sure there will be more in the coming weeks:

  1. Daily Interaction

I’m always in a hurry, like many I skim through FB and like many I’m more likely to like and share rather than comment in a hurry and always intend to revisit later (when I have a moment) and of course it rarely happens. However from now on part of my business development scheduled time will be to allocate and spend time commenting. So if you see something I post that you like, please comment on it, and maybe start a discussion about it. The longer the comment, the higher the reach. .

2. Facebook Group Activity

Facebook first launched groups in 2010. Since then it has become a big success, covering every possible interest imaginable. However Zuckerberg acknowledged that just 5 percent of the social media network’s users were members of what he called “very meaningful” groups. So my recommendation make your group meaningful, extraordinary. Use your group to evidence your skills, your expertise and deliver your brand identity and culture.
In my business group Accelerate your Business we do just that  – pop over and ask to join 🙂 Accelerate your Business

3. Grow your list

 The most important reason why you need to is because it’s yours. You own that list.  Yes people can unsubscribe and they do – get over it.

You don’t own the connections on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest or any of the other social media sites that you’ve spent so much time growing. They could easily flip a switch and change everything. In fact, not too long ago, the algorithm for Facebook pages changed, forcing you to pay to promote your posts if you want more than a handful of your community to see your updates.

Luckily, you do control your email newsletter. It’s all yours. So, even if tomorrow, Facebook takes your page down, Instagram does the same, or Pinterest changes their site so that only a few people ever see your pins again, you’ll still have an email list full of dedicated followers who are there to open your emails and read your most important updates.

Also, and I love this one email subscribers are more likely to buy your products and services. It makes great business sense.

Here’s a few simple ideas to build your email list the right way >>
  1. Put out the sign-up sheet
  2. Leverage business cards (be careful of GDPR)
  3. Host an event
  4. Invite people to ‘join your private closed group’
  5. Organise a giveaway
  6. Drum up emails with direct mail
  7. Try some telemarketing
  8. Optimise your website for opt-ins.

Here’s a great blog to increase your list from Forbes 50 Proven Ways To Grow Your Email List

4. Increase blogging 

I was always advised to blog at least once a month to support my SEO – but I challenged I’ve got a lot to say! So I post a weekly blog and it has increased my reach and attracted new and diverse clients. It positioned me as knowledgable, someone who has an opinion and someone who can add value. It was tough at first to find the words (and the time) so I sought support, help and guidance. It’s no surprise that the more I wrote, the more confident I became and the words flowed.

Now I’m no expert, but I work with people who are, and blogging serves them and their business well. Here’s the link to my other blogs: https://www.themasterfixer.com/blog/

5. Twitter and Instagram

I loved the Twitter since the beginning – loved how you had to succinctly get your message out in 14o characters. Now at 280 characters its just got more interesting. I love the business to business element.

Instagram allows you to increase your engagement, build trust and show your personality, increase traffic and it will help you gain competitive advantage. Did I say its also FREE!

6. Video

Ah the dreaded video, but it is here to stay…

I am following with great interest Lucy Griffiths she’s a fabulous Video Strategist and Success Coach – an ex journalist and news reporter and I love love love her stuff. Here’s her FB business page:  https://www.facebook.com/LucyGriffithsdotcom/

She’s has a great download on what tech kit to buy to look and sound super professional when your video.

So with the FB changes, and now its more in competition with You tube its all about the video and Facebook will support and encourage and more importantly PROMOTE posts with video. It’s a no brainer – so what are you waiting for?

Here’s a great video that Lucy recorded: WHY YOU SHOULD BE USING VIDEO FOR YOUR BUSINESS

So if you’re a small business and are gutted by the changes and feeling sorry for yourself with your reducing interactions, have a think about my suggestions, pull yourself up and together and take control of the situation and take positive action – TODAY!


The Master Fixer


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