5 ways to set your business DNA

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Call it brand, call it your business DNA. Personally I think the word brand is overused and overworked. When people – hey lets call them potential customers and clients, look for you on google – what do they find?

Go on I dare you Google yourself *** scary alert *** …. go on do it!

Remember your business DNA your brand is not just about the picture, the logo or your colours – its so much more!

What did you find? What did you see? What impression did it give you?

Here are a few tips for discovering your business DNA:

  1. List the core values that guide your behaviours and business processes.
  • What is really important to you?
  • What are your guiding principles?
  • Core values will drive all action and give meaning to the intentions behind what your business does and how it behaves and is perceived.
  • Strong brands have unwavering values.
  • Articulate the Brand Promise that you provide
  • Brand promise will cultivate trust and people will do business with people they KNOW LIKE & TRUST

2.  Write a brief, clear statement of the promises you pledge to deliver at every contact point for employees and customers.  Be sure brand promises are reflected in your company practices and services provided to foster a passionate and motivated company culture.

  • Create your manifesto and don’t be shy –  share share share it!
  • Points of differentiation
  • What’s the space that you “own?”
  • What is exclusive to you? What are you known for? What are your unique processes or services
  • What sets you apart?
  • State the perception, both functional and emotional, that you want to take control of in the minds of your customers.
  • You don’t need to be prominent and global to own the perception you want to create in your space.
  • You do need to create procedures, expectations, and protocols that equip your employees to deliver the brand DNA you have defined.

Here’s mine….

3. Show off your brand’s unique style

  • Describe & evidence the characteristics and personality of your brand.
  • Brainstorm how your style can impact multi-sensory experiences — emotional, social, physical, cerebral, or even a spiritual.
  • What is your distinct brand experience?

4. Are people saying good stuff?

  • You do need to create procedures, expectations, and protocols that equip your employees to deliver the brand DNA you have defined
  • If you don’t have testimonials – why not? Afraid to ask? Well that’s just stupid – its false self modesty. Take a peek at this previous blog to show you how to kick this off. Its not showing off – its business promotion.

5. Self audit

Its tough to critique your own work – its too easy to be self deprificating which is horrible and hard work. Its more challenging to be objective. So get a bunch of trusted people, customers, friends etc – but make sure they are friends who will be objective not just nodding dogs!

Build your own focus group and go to work – ask them what your online Business DNA screams out at them.

Also I found this great article when I was researching brand – take a look ” What is a Brand?”  http://bit.ly/28JNSAp

You want to be more than just another business; you want a branded image that makes you inspiring, strong, impactful and recognisable. Successful marketing will get people to give your brand a chance, but it will not get them to return or to become devoted brand champions. It is only your brand’s ability to provide a distinct, consistent and applicable experience that will keep your customers connected and coming back.

Every company needs a solid brand with core principles, however this doesn’t happen on its own.  It starts with you, the founder of the company.  Knowing and demonstrating your business DNA is the beginning of your success. >> 5 Steps to get great testimonials



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