6 ways to help you unwind when you’re so wound up

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It’s the Christmas run up – of course I’m wound up. I want to run away to the beach – Watergate Bay Hotel is my favourite place… You see I  planned my month very carefully so I could stop working on about 18th, but so many of my lovely clients have been poorly so now I’m playing catch up and I’m backed up. Also who knew but we’d be inundated with new business enquiries in December!

Wound up? Hell yes! So here are my top 5 way to help you unwind when you’re wound up, remember I made the recommendation. Do as I say – not as I do! : These 5 top tips have proven results – don’t say I didn’t tell you. 🙂

Making the time to unwind at the end of your day is absolutely critical to your health, happiness and success as both an individual and a business owner. Without it, you will struggle to relax, spend time with family and friends and sleep properly. Here are my 5 top ways to unwind properly, effectively and efficiently.


  1. Set yourself a strict finish time to finish with work each and every day. Obviously this may be dependant on whether you have children to look after, work in an office/at home or have other pre-arranged activities to fit in. By setting yourself your strict working hours at the start of the day/week, you can focus your mind a lot better throughout your working day, knowing that at 6pm you WILL finish work. When that dedicated time comes around, you know you must finish work and enjoy your evening how you intent to. Don’t sit there and write it off and say you can’t. You can – its an active choice.
  2. Just before you finish work for the day, be sure to make yourself a to do list, to be completed the following day. Clearing your mind in this way ensures you’re offloading any underlying anxiety you may have for the following days activities. It also encourages clarity, seeing what you need to do the following day will ensure you wake up feeling empowered and are ready for the days events. Remember its a short list (3 – 6 things on the list) is a list not a novel.
  3. When you finish work, be sure to keep your devices off for the entirety of your evening. Don’t check emails, work on documents or attend to any unfinished pieces. Having mentally switched your mind off, you won’t be in the right frame of mind to work to the standard you’d like and your quality of work will suffer. You’ll also then suddenly realise you’ve been working into the evening and haven’t had chance to unwind at all.
  4. Finish the day with some gentle exercise, yoga, meditation or a walk. Our bodies are meant to be active and if you’ve spent all day cooped up in your office then you won’t have been as active as you should. Studies show that manual workers sleep particularly well – it’s not a coincidence or the fact that they’ve been outside all day, they’ve been active and their bodies therefore need rest at the end of the day. Being mentally active (by that I mean spending 8-12 hours at your laptop) actually leaves your mind buzzing and will take longer to unwind anyway. Switch off the devices, do some activity and then be ready to unwind like never before.
  5. Have some ‘down’ time at the end of your day. Light a candle, run a bath and just get totally stuck in to a really good book. Preferably a ‘real’ book rather a Kindle, it’s much more relaxing for your brain to focus on pages than yet another screen.
  6. Finally sleep well and plan for 8 hours sleep. Plan for it and it will happen.


If you don’t unwind properly, you run the risk of starting the following day like you’re in the rat race… Like you’re constantly chasing your tail, you won’t have slept very well and you’ll wake up feeling anxious, before you’ve even opened your laptop. That isn’t healthy, it’s not productive and it sure as hell isn’t what a successful entrepreneur would do. If you do one thing today, be sure to make your mind unwind.

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To your success!


Linda x


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