8 key questions you need to know to manage your business

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  1. What’s your total monthly revenue? (Make it actual, not projected cash collected, not sales)
  2. How does that compare on last month, last year?
  3. What are you spending on marketing?
  4. What are you paying per lead?
  5. How many leads are you generating per month?
  6. What’s your profit margin? 
  7. What’s in your pipeline?
  8. What about your clients? What kind of results are you getting? Is it happening quickly, slowly, or not at all?

Let’s face it – if you don’t know these numbers you have to ask yourself if you are really running a business or is your business running you? OWCH!

I love asking about these kinds of deep, internal numbers. Of course there are loads more and I believe in radical transparency. Numbers will give you the business intelligence to run your business more effectively and efficiently.

Get the real story about what’s going on. You’ve heard the quote “what gets measured gets managed” Classic Peter Drucker quote – but it works it really does. 

Running a business is a minefield. Understanding the numbers and the deep numbers is like having a metal detector to establish whether you have controls, visibility and you know what and when to pull those levers!

Business intelligence is not about throwing numbers on a page, its using those numbers to truly understand your business and know when to pull those business levers.

So what are you numbers?

To your success


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