Are you playing it too safe?

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Today on International Women’s Day we celebrate the women who have gone before us and the young women who will follow us. I’m sitting here at Red Maids’ High School, which is the oldest girls school in the UK, celebrating International Women’s Day at a brilliant event called Brave Bold & Bonkers with Freelance Mum. It’s particularly poignant as my daughters attended this school and had the most amazing and happy school years, my business is a proud sponsor of Freelance Mum and many of my clients are freelancers. Happily  bumped into Lisa Brown, the Head Teacher who has known and supported my girls since they were both 7 years old. Today is a happy day 🙂

So it’s timely to today of all days ask as you playing it too safe?

Whether in a personal or professional capacity, many of us take a backseat to fear. Fear that we’ll fail, that we won’t be good enough or that somebody else will be better than us. Yet this fear is dampening our efforts and destroying business potential. It’s also the sole reason you’re more likely to play it safe, which can have a detrimental impact on your business success.

What are the key traits of someone playing it safe?

How often have you said ‘no’ to an opportunity in the past 6 months? We’ve all done it. Turning down radio interviews, declining a collaboration prospect or missing a high-profile networking event may all seem like minor occasions but each could have had huge potential for your business growth.

While you can’t say yes to everything, saying no can all too often become a bad habit and an easy one to slip into. Saying no to offers and proposals limits your chances of developing new contacts, new business and building new professional relationships.

Why is playing it safe such a bad thing?  

When you play it safe you’re actually putting yourself and your business at greater risk, because when you’re playing it safe, someone is making brave, bold decisions and taking that risk. The result? They may get the business that you’ve missed out on.

The women who went before us didn’t play it safe, so why should we?

How can I improve and take a risk?

Be bold and be brave and today a little but bonkers. Try new things, take a little gamble (not something that could ruin your brand if it goes wrong) and step outside of your comfort zone. Because if you’re not, someone else is stepping out of theirs. Imagine if you turned down a radio interview because the fear paralysed you and you felt you would do your business a disservice. Then you hear that your biggest competitor picked up your slot and went on to get a lot of business from it. Every step we take in business offers a learning curve. Say yes to the radio interview, be yourself and your brand personality will shine through.

You are worth it

Imagine the feeling of elation when you push yourself and overcome the crippling fear that continues to hold you back. That feeling when you’ve said yes to something that 6 months ago you would have said no to. And that feeling when the successes role in as a result of that new confidence.

Last week I committed to investing 12 months of my life and a scary amount of money per month with a new business coach, who I know will stretch me and my business to levels I did not think possible. Already in 5 short days I have accomplished things I would not have even attempted or dreamed of!

So if you’re sitting there thinking about your business and wondering how on earth you are going to make the switch, uplevel your thinking and raise your game, have a think about what you are willing to invest in yourself and your business.

Remember the definition if insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different results. So if you are sitting there, playing safe then get your big girls pants on, take a deep breath and get uncomfortable – you deserve success and there is no better time than today – International Women’s Day.

Confidence does have a lot to with this issue. If you head over to my Facebook page —> I’m sharing lots of supportive tips, business advice and encouraging support as part of my ‘You’re Worth It’ month. I truly believe that confidence needn’t define you and my aim is to spread the love and empower your inner spirit.

You’ve got this, I’m sure of it.





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