How to Achieve More by Doing Less

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Sounds bonkers doesn’t it? How can you achieve more by doing less? Achieve more what? More money? More time? More control?

If you have kids then this time of the year is mad – there’s trips, sports days, end of term stuff before they break up for the summer. So now above anything else if you have a business you need to be smart with your time.  And if you haven’t got kids then you have to work with and around all those frazzled parents who do – either way its tough!

5 hacks to help you prepare for success

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Many businesses start out as a ‘one man band’ whereby the business owner does EVERYTHING. While that is possible in the early stages, as you develop your client base, work on your products or services and promote the brand, it’s not viable longer term. Even if you want it to be, it’s just not possible. I’m going to highlight how you can best prepare for business success, but first I want to analyse, what IS success?

Why accountability is the entrepreneurs secret weapon for faster successful growth?

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Running your own business is hard work. I guess if it was easy everyone would do it!
So whether you choose a coach, a mentor or a buddy – choose carefully and choose someone who will hold your toes to the fire!
While being agile and flexible (and I’m not talking Yoga) is a small business owner’s advantage, critical decisions, such as launching a new service or product, are best made by bouncing ideas with someone you trust and thinking things through. An accountability partner can help you identify weaknesses and opportunities in your business, make plans to overcome them and hold you accountable for action.

What makes business women successful?

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There are a huge number of inspirational business women out there. Those that have battled the testing times, running business whilst being a mother or wife and those flowing with entrepreneurial mastery. As someone who has worked in the corporate world, managing teams of people as a single Mum, I have a real level of respect for those that do it all. It really isn’t easy, but certainly teaches you some valuable life lessons.

How she had me at hello… and you can too!

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I know, a weird title for a blog, but it’s been in my head for weeks. She had me at hello – a phrase that expresses affection, popularised by Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire. Essentially to imply – you need not say anything else, I am in, I bought in, I am convinced. I need nothing more. I have no more questions – just sign me up. I am in!

Why Having a Plan Doesn’t Guarantee Success

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You may have seen my blog at the start of the month about the importance of planning. It highlighted the benefits of strategic planning in business and how thorough planning can help your business thrive. After all, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. However it must be mentioned that just because you have a plan in place, it doesn’t mean you’ll definitely be striding for success