International Women’s Day – What makes a successful business woman?

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International Women’s Day is today Sunday 8th March and it’s got me thinking about all the brilliant business women I have had the pleasure of working with throughout my time as a Turnaround Business Coach (and not forgetting my corporate years!). I love love love working with business women, helping them to be more successful, get more achieved, supporting them …

It’s Okay to Press the Reset Button

It’s Okay to Press the Reset Button

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February is usually one of the least favoured months of the year (I’m not surprised! It’s cold, grey and summer seems a lifetime away), which is why it’s the perfect time to add a refreshing splash of positivity in your life. If you’ve got the winter blues and you’re in need of a healthy dose of optimism, do something for yourself today. Here are 5 simple ways to hit the reset button on life.

Why we Should Celebrate the Sussex’s Goal for Financial Independence!

Why we Should Celebrate the Sussex’s Goal for Financial Independence!

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Throughout life, we strive for financial independence, as we develop from childhood to adulthood we are encouraged to stand on our own feet, pay our own bills and be independent. Many small business owners start their own businesses for the independence, flexibility and control over their own time, boundaries and responsibilities. For many the drive is flexibility to manage their …

The Four D’s

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Email is the communication king. Quick, easy and free, it’s the chosen method of communication  for many business owners. Email offers us the flexibility of working hours, allowing us to work on the move and can help reduce your stress, and increase our efficiency exponentially. But did you know that a study found that one in three office workers suffers …

Self-Care Tips – How To Get Rid of Stress and Anxiety When You Run a Business

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Self-Care, it’s something we regularly ignore because we get caught up in the stress of life. Running your own business, whilst running a house and caring for kids is a lot of work! It can be tiring, stressful, and anxiety-inducing, but we have to do it! A common phrase I love to use is; “you can’t pour from an empty …

5 Things to Do When You Feel Like Giving Up in Your Business

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If you’ve been trying to create and run a business all on your own, any discouragement can easily knock you off your feet and make you question whether you should be giving up on your business, making you wonder if you dream will ever become a reality. If you’re feeling this fear in your business, know that you are not …

It’s not always about 6 figure incomes, some just want to pay the mortgage!

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Listen if this speaks to you don’t be ashamed. Money does not bring you happiness, but it is up there with oxygen! Personally, I struggle with all the bullsh*t claims on Facebook that they can get you to earn 6 or 7 figures in about 3 days. Where are those people and are they even real? Well I can say …