7 Things No One Tells You About Running a Six Figure Business

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There is so much on social media from people either claiming they are earning 6 or 7 figures or they can help you achieve 6 or 7 figures. In my experience many business owners simply want to earn a consistent £5k a month (profit)! There aren’t many I know who really need more than that! I know it sounds counterintuitive, …

How To Get Your Zen on as a Small Business Coach

How To Get Your Zen on as a Small Business Coach

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It was World Meditation Day was last week and yes I was too busy to be all Zen – life as a small business coach is still busy during lockdown.

But did you know that business people are returning their suits and swapping them for joggers 

Ok, so inhale, exhale and repeat and keep doing this until you notice a difference. You have a choice to make a chance and this is the time…

How To Get Your Zen on as a Small Business Coach

12 Top Tips for Working from Home

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I’ve worked at home for 10+ years so I guess you’d call me a pro! You name it I’ve tried it, and I know I can help you navigate what does work and what does not – from your working environment to what to eat and how to dress to maximise your output, your productivity and your, well WFH happiness

Everyone is different, so you have to work out what works for you, but here’s my top 11 tips to help you work out what works for you, save you a ton of time and develop a healthy, happy, effective and productive working from home life!

It’s not always about 6 figure incomes, some just want to pay the mortgage!

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Listen if this speaks to you don’t be ashamed. Money does not bring you happiness, but it is up there with oxygen! Personally, I struggle with all the bullsh*t claims on Facebook that they can get you to earn 6 or 7 figures in about 3 days. Where are those people and are they even real? Well I can say …

13 reasons you know your coaching relationship is working

13 Reasons You Know Your Coaching Relationship is Working

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Regardless of the size or type of your business, working with a business coach can completely transform your entrepreneurial journey. A coach will step back and critically analyse your business from an outsiders point of view. They’ll make you work harder, more efficiently and on areas of your business that need it the most. They’ll know you and your business inside out. So who better to help you get the very best out of it?