How To Be Confident: 7 Things You Can Do To Boost Your Self-Esteem Today!

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Self-esteem is an amazing but fragile entity. In short, self-esteem is your opinion of yourself and your abilities. It can be high, low or somewhere in between; when it’s high we feel more resilient, we’re less vulnerable to anxiety, rejection and stress. But when it’s low, oh boy it’s low. While everyone occasionally has doubts about themselves, low self-esteem can leave you feeling insecure and unmotivated, it will leave you uninspired and doubting every choice you make – not good especially when you’ve got a business to run!

How I Know You’re Suffering From Imposter Syndrome Too.

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Believe it or not we are now into August, we are firmly past the halfway point of the year. But why wait until January for a ‘new you’? Personally, I see no better time than the present to switch things up, work on myself and ultimately grow my business. When I say this to my clients, time after time they will tell me they aren’t ready, they don’t have the experience or the prowess to take the much needed next step. Sound familiar? Their response assures me of one thing; they’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome. It’s something I spent years dealing with, but didn’t know it had a name!

Top Leaderships Skills We Could All Learn from Gareth Southgate

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After Southgate’s well-known blunder that caused us to lose the 1996 European Championship no one expected big things from him, but through integrity, empathy and determination Southgate gave England a much-needed chance of glory. While you’ll often hear people say “he’s no Venables, Robson, Shankly or Klopp.” Gareth Southgate has proven he’s a talented leader that we could all learn from.

Why accountability is the entrepreneurs secret weapon for faster successful growth?

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Running your own business is hard work. I guess if it was easy everyone would do it!
So whether you choose a coach, a mentor or a buddy – choose carefully and choose someone who will hold your toes to the fire!
While being agile and flexible (and I’m not talking Yoga) is a small business owner’s advantage, critical decisions, such as launching a new service or product, are best made by bouncing ideas with someone you trust and thinking things through. An accountability partner can help you identify weaknesses and opportunities in your business, make plans to overcome them and hold you accountable for action.

What makes business women successful?

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There are a huge number of inspirational business women out there. Those that have battled the testing times, running business whilst being a mother or wife and those flowing with entrepreneurial mastery. As someone who has worked in the corporate world, managing teams of people as a single Mum, I have a real level of respect for those that do it all. It really isn’t easy, but certainly teaches you some valuable life lessons.

How she had me at hello… and you can too!

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I know, a weird title for a blog, but it’s been in my head for weeks. She had me at hello – a phrase that expresses affection, popularised by Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire. Essentially to imply – you need not say anything else, I am in, I bought in, I am convinced. I need nothing more. I have no more questions – just sign me up. I am in!