The Expert Interview Series: Kim Ingleby – The Mind & Body Coach

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I was thrilled when Kim Ingleby agreed to be interviewed in my Expert Series for my business blog and we also recorded it so it could be available as a podcast:  The Expert Interview Podcast Series: Kim Ingleby

I met Kim about 10 years ago, I knew her initially in a sports role, she was the only one I called when I signed up for the London Marathon in 2012. However my pride and inspiration has grown and grown in the years that I have know her – I feel privileged to call her my coach.

When I met with Kim just before Christmas 2017 she had just returned the previous month from a trip to Nepal. The days were varied from digging a water pipe, working with street kids and running the Nepal marathon. I’m exhausted just listening to everything Kim gets up to.

When we met she had just returned from Dublin where she had won another award – this time for Optimum Nutrition Trainer of the year Gold Standard award – no mean feat, and I wanted to get the inside skinny about what drives Kim. #kimpossible


When asked about what drives her Kim has forthright and commented “My whole passion and purpose is to help people believe in themselves and unlock their true potential.”

Why so many awards?

I think applying for awards help you clarify what you’re doing with your business. It helps you be more accountable, reach more people and make a bigger difference.

Applying for awards is powerful. It ensures you are accountable and allows you to be vulnerable. It takes time you have to choose the right awards ensuring they are really relevant for you and represent the core values of your business. It’s like a business planning application. It’s not about winning it, it’s the process

It adds massive value to the people you work with. I do it for my team, clients and my followers. I never outsource it as it’s got to be authentic and your words.

How did it all start

Growing up on a farm, riding horses – 3 day eventing, and then riding for the under 21 Scottish team and competing at a high level. Kim could always see that there was a huge disconnect between the rider, their fitness and their confidence. Even from her GCSE time Kim could see she wanted to explore it further. She wrote to Olympians and when they started responding her PE teacher thought she was onto something.

Get fitter and believe in themselves, and believe in themselves to perform better.

So although Kim suffered from lacking in confidence and felt like a huge misfit, she was determined to follow her passion to really help people. The foundation was the sports, the connection came later.

What’s drives you to do this?

Kim didn’t resonate with the word drive, but instead is driven by her passion, and feels motivated, focused and inspired I have a great focus and passion. The drive behind it – is that she wants to make a global difference leave a legacy and make a difference.

Who or what inspired you?

“It’s a combination of experiences, they have been key people – my PE teacher supported my crazy ideas. When he retired he wrote to me.

Your business is so varied – what are the best bits?

I love the variety – who I work is so interesting. From the Team GB, the Strictly people, the media people the business executives – they are all so interesting. I’ve been doing Strictly 11 years but they’re just normal people with normal challenges.

So there’s so much written about how highly successful people have a winning morning routine – What’s your Kim Ingleby winning  morning routine?

  • No phone in the bedroom – old school alarm clock. Awake at 6am.
  • Tibetan 5 yoga moves to wake up your system. If you do 20 every day – you’re meant to look 10 years younger. (I was intrigued so looked it up – who wouldn’t want to look 5 years younger? I found this great link: Fountain Of Youth: 5 Tibetan Exercises You Should Be Doing Every Day
  • Walk Jake the Hound of Happiness, gym, breakfast and journaling. (not always in that order). But taking time to prepare mentally and physically for the day ahead.

The morning routine has taken 20+ years of learning, adapting to know what works best for me.

Life post Weil’s disease

 June 2013 Kim contracted Viales disease after a triathlon and swimming behind a poorly rat!

Now, four and a half years later she knows how to manage it, it causes some problems. She has used every piece of knowledge she has ever learned to manage her personal performance and its taken four and a half years to get her business back to where it was.

What advice would you give your younger self, or anyone you coach?

  1. You have to learn to like the person you are.
  2. Trust your instinct and the stuff that excites you.
  3. You’ve got to get uncomfortable to grow!

Here’s the link to  watch Kim’s TedxTalk Embracing Adversity – My Brain and I | Kim Ingleby | TEDxBristol

Back to the interview – What’s your take on support and having a coach?

Everyone who runs their own business or has a goal would benefit from having a coach.

Having external, impartial and confidential non judgemental support is invaluable.

If you are lucky enough to find someone who is slightly ahead of you or has slightly different skills to you – it’s going to add value to your life.

So in my mind, and now I am sure in yours too, a true expert in helping people believe in themselves and unlock their true potential. Thank you Kim.

If you’d love to hear more about Jake, the Hound of Happiness – 52 ways to feel good. you can buy the book here:The Hound of Happiness

You can get hold of Kim at her website Energised Performance  and connect with her on Twitter and Instagram


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  1. Great interview! Her views and ideas about helping others believe in themselves is really extraordinary. I admire her passion and motivation to do these things.

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