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My father always drilled into us ” you don’t get if you don’t ask” so I was always brought up with the notion to ask, and keep asking. I was told I was cheeky – hell I didn’t care I managed to hustle myself into events,  jobs, parties, money off stuff and I enjoyed being cheeky.

So here’s a few things you could ask for to help you along the way…

Here’s a few ideas of 5 things you should always ask for:

  • A rave review, an epic testimonial
  • Feedback – always
  • The sale – always
  • A referral to a friend
  • A name in a company you’d love to work with
  • Another portion of pudding (just put that one in for fun) 🙂 

So translate that into your business – you’ve got to get great at asking for the sale. My goal for you all is that you will become more confident, consistent, and ethical about asking for the sale.

Demonstrate your VALUE, be VISIBLE & be VOCAL…

  • Demonstrate your value, each and every day.
    • Look for the end user of your product, your client’s customers
    • Experience the value the end user
  • Visible – Be seen
    • Visibility beats Competence every single time.
    • Identify your ideal client and get crystal clear on your market
    • Focus on your point of differentation, your USP
  • Vocal –  Find your voice
    • Ask for referrals from everyone
    • Ask for an appointment
    • Leverage your natural curiosity to ask for the meeting / 121

Make a list of people you want to ask for advice, seek their counsel.  Identify what you could do for them – there’s no such thing as a free lunch! Work out how to connect them and then pick up the phone, or connect on LinkedIn. Get strategic and resourceful – look for creative solutions not excuses!

  • Make 20 contacts every day
  • Ok so 10 contacts if you’re busy and already well established
  • Get prepared make the list the night before
  • If you want to be super successful do 5 a day
  • Do this on a daily basis make it your daily mode of operation!

If you want more business – you’ve got to learn how to ask for it.

I’m a business coach who gets results and my website is take a look and see how I plan my business.



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