Happy National Intern Day!

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Finally, the day is here! Today marks National Intern Day, and is the first year that I have cause to celebrate!

Some of you may already know, but recently I have taken on two new, lovely interns. Both have just graduated from university and have never worked full-time before, so I’ve been quite excited about this holiday as today is about empowering and recognising them! Although this is my first time having interns, I am not new to having people work for me. My 30 years in business has seen me manage thousands of people, so I thought today might be the appropriate time to share with you about what I’ve found makes for the best employee- employer relationship!

If you’re thinking about growing your business, but you’ve always worked alone before, listen up to my handy advice.


Choose the right person:

This sounds obvious, but in reality it’s a little harder than you might think. Hiring the wrong person can be a costly mistake. Job fit refers to the degree to which a person’s cognitive abilities, interests and personality dynamics fit those required by the job. Choosing the wrong person for the role can be demotivating and reduce levels of productivity for everyone around.

So make sure you spend time identifying what you want from a candidate before hiring. If they’re nice enough but don’t quite meet your expectations then keep searching. Make sure you also look to the less obvious side of things; their personality and values. Do they fit with your own? After all, it’s easier to train someone about technology and processes than it is to alter their views! You need to make sure you’ve got the whole picture before offering them a job.

The cost of finding the right person for the role can add up, but once you find the right employee(s), you’ll find your working life running a lot smoother and if you already have things in common then developing a good rapport should come easy!


You don’t have to have spent your life in business to know that being micromanaged doesn’t motivate you to get things done. If anything, it build resentment and frustration. So before taking anyone on, make sure you’re happy to give up a little bit on control (you’ll find this easier to do if you have chosen the right person for the role too!).

By giving your employee’s responsibilities you are letting them know you trust in their abilities. This results in a splurge of motivation to get things done, and for small business owners increased productivity is not something to be missed! Make sure your employees feel valued, and that you are using them to their full potential, otherwise you might find that they don’t want to stick around for long!


This is a big one. As I said, neither of my interns have ever had a full-time job before. This means they are doing a lot of things for the first time… which means some things take them a while.

If you’re looking to take someone on then you need to make sure you have the time available and the patience to train them. Being an employer really isn’t for everyone. If you don’t have the time or the capabilities to give staff what they need in order to develop well then you have two options. Option 1: don’t hire anybody. Option 2: hire someone that already knows everything you need them to know (I warn you, this is a lot more expensive!).

If you really are ready to take on an intern or another form of employee, dedicate time to letting them learn the ropes. Nothing worth having comes easy, and the same can be said about finding the perfect employee.  


Hear from my interns!

Considering what day it is, I thought I’d ask my interns to tell you a bit about their time at their internship here at the Master Fixer Headquarters!


Finishing university is actually more duanting that I thought it would be! I’m no longer in my student-life bubble! I thought an internship would be a good way for me to slowly introduce myself into the working world and thankfully (so far!) I was right. Working for a small company it’s a lot more hands-on than I can imagine being an intern at a larger company is. I also don’t think you would get to see your boss in her dressing gown so often at a larger company!

Working here is actually really fun, I keep being given tasks that seem scary at first but when I give it a go it’s not actually as hard as I first thought. I have felt my comfort zone get a little bigger in the weeks that I’ve been here, so I would definitely recommend internships to other people that have just finished uni!


Towards the end of university everyone was asking me “what are you going to do now?” I always replied with “get a job I guess”. To be honest, I didn’t really have a plan of action; I was applying for everything and anything I could get my hands on because I was in that manic post uni realisation of ‘Sh*t I’ve actually got to start doing something and making some money.’

Luckily, I stumbled across Linda’s ad for an intern, I applied, we chatted and here I am! It’s great being a Master Fixer intern. Every day brings new challenges and Linda is always encouraging us to try new things so we update our CVs with loads of fab stuff.  I didn’t think having a job would be this fun (I was especially worried about having an early start to the day!) but here I am loving it! I would definitely encourage anyone coming out of uni (or even still at uni) to give it a go, it will set you apart from the others.  


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