How she had me at hello… and you can too!

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I know, a weird title for a blog, but it’s been in my head for weeks.

She had me at hello – a phrase that expresses affection, popularised by Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire. Essentially to imply – you need not say anything else, I am in, I bought in, I am convinced. I need nothing more. I have no more questions – just sign me up. I am in!

But listen how does this translate to business? Well its simple. You know when you’re talking, maybe you’re presenting your product or service to a group of people and there is someone who is just smiling and nodding, as if they are so in tune with you that they know what you’re going to say before you’ve said it. They are sitting there smiling because they agree with everything you’re saying. They love everything that is coming out of your mouth. They have no questions. They’re sitting there thinking “I need this woman in my life!” Well it’s the same thing.

What do you do?

Well you recognise it, you acknowledge it, and you make sure you go and make time to speak to them one on one when you have finished your talk. They are your ideal client – just sign them up! Don’t question it just embrace it.

They will be your greatest supporter, your biggest cheerleader and your greatest advocate.

So how can you get this response more regularly?

You can make sure you are talking to your ideal clients. It’s simple.

Get crystal clear who your ideal client is. I have a brilliant worksheet you can work through to mail your ideal client – message me ( and I’ll send it to you.

I can tell you how powerful it is, as it happened to me recently. As a business coach I encourage my clients to be aware of their competition, no not become their #1 stalker and no not spend their days comparing their business to others. But as a healthy business practice to be aware of their competition. I recommend this as a quarterly business action.

Anyway I was doing some research about how other business coaches who I admire were handling their lead magnets, landing pages, nurture sequence and holding their discovery calls and how it all fitted together. I downloaded a freebie, got the emails and booked a discovery call.

I had NO intention of signing up with her. She was too young! What on earth could someone who was young enough to be my child teach me?  I did however like her online presence, I liked the fact that she was published by Hay House and I did like the fact that she had a masters in psychology. Evidence and validation is important to me. Remember I had no intention of working with her – it was simply research!

Well long story short, she had me at hello, I was in and 3 months on I am continuing to learn so much. You could say there’s no fool like an old fool, but I was always willing to learn and acknowledge I had got it wrong. My new coach is stretching my thinking, encouraging me to be bolder and yes I am experiencing bigger and better results. All of which I am sharing with my clients. You see I was HER ideal client.

So I’ll leave you with the thought that you can never say the wrong thing to the right person.

You’ve got this, I’m sure of it (but just in case you don’t feel you have – book a COMPLIMENTARY STRATEGY CALL  and lets see whether I can help you… here’s the application link >>


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