It’s not always about 6 figure incomes, some just want to pay the mortgage!

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Listen if this speaks to you don’t be ashamed. Money does not bring you happiness, but it is up there with oxygen!

Personally, I struggle with all the bullsh*t claims on Facebook that they can get you to earn 6 or 7 figures in about 3 days. Where are those people and are they even real?

Well I can say that they are real and I have met a few of them, and that’s the truth a FEW of them. I’ve also met in person a handful and “met” virtually tons who claim to have earned the world, live the flip flop lifestyle, post endless pictures of themselves looking fab with pseudo inspirational comments, but the reality isn’t that generous. If you dig a little deeper you may find that it could be all fluff and bluster!

I say hats off to the ones that have made it and do it with dignity and grace. And shame on the ones who are all about the rah rah and are “faking it until they make it.”

Me? It took me 30 years of semi coaching peers, colleagues, friends to realise that it was my “thing,” the work that didn’t feel like work. A mass of experience, several recessions later, a ton of business qualifications and whole lot of fun. Enter stage left the “thing” I was always meant to do. A calling (no, that sounds too “woo woo”!) The business that felt real to me, the work that I was always meant to do, that really did have dramatic impact and helped transform people’s lives as it transformed their business.

So for me business coaching is about transformation.  I help small business owners get more clients, make more money and sleep better at night. I help them pay the mortgage, pay the credit card, pay for that well deserved holiday and sleep better at night.  I want them to get to earn an extra £500 a month extra, to double, treble or quadruple their income. Totally transforming someone’s business into a money-making machine is priceless.

So lets say SHOW ME THE MONEY to those that claim the earth and promise the world and instead get down and dirty with the detail and lets get to work on transforming your small business. Lets help you double your income in 3 months, trebled in 6 months and transform your business income – now that would be priceless.

So if you’re sitting there and you’re squirming in indecision mull this over.

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” —Henry Ford

If you are stuck in a sea of fear and uncertainty…

If your fear-based paralysis and indecisiveness is slowing (or completely stopping) your forward progress in your business…

If your “big picture” goal is a bit fuzzy for you at the moment…

It’s time to adopt a few key mindset habits, and REWIRE your brain for success.

If you’re serious about adopting a rock-solid mindset that will help you generate more sales, and lead you to new levels of monthly income, then reach out and BOOK YOUR FREE STRATEGY CALL HERE!

Don’t say I didn’t tell you – its up to you! ?


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