Why it’s OK To Outgrow Your Coach

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Even as a small business coach finding the right coach is the best feeling in the world. Those first few “dates” can be amazing and inspiring, and well just amazing – that’s what it feel like right?

The action taking, the feeling that someone really gets you, understands you and shares your excitement in your goals – it fuels more action taking.

They feel like your loudest cheerleader and they are excited in your wins, no matter how small or big.

But what do you do when it starts to feel off?

Settled with an epic coach in my home town, I loved my time with her. Loved the way she inspired me and stretched my thinking and she believed in me. Wait, no she believes in me (current tense). I thought it was time to move on…

Business was good. My business was growing, and my social media feed was constantly bombarded on a daily basis by other, shiny coaches who promised the world! Now I know it’s good to change and mix it up. A coaching relationship has a expiration date. It’s not a lifelong commitment – it’s not a marriage. It’s healthy to move on and work with someone who has a different perspective and learn new skills.

How I was courted and mesmerised by the “celebrity”coaches in LA?

I was curious, I was enticed – because I loved their photos, the imagery, loved their writing. The marketing was spot on, the sales process slick and unapologetic. I was in! I did 12 months in a group coaching programme. I even introduced a friend and someone I coached who I thought would benefit.

I inhaled the learning, it was definitely do what I did and you’ll get what I’ve got kind of process – it was turn key.

But it’s fair to say that I definitely learned what not to do. I invested $12,000 in the group coaching, another £3,000 on the trip to LA for the retreat – so I had to earn £20,000 to fund that.

When it came to an end I was courted into another VIP 12 month coaching programme. After much soul searching, I gracefully declined. I didn’t want to spend another £15,000 – it was if I had never existed. No check in to say hello, no birthday message – tumbleweed….

So 12 months after finishing the group coaching what are my key takeaways:

  • Selling is critical to success otherwise you won’t build a sustainable business.
  • Don’t believe all the 6 figure / 7 figure hype – much of it is smoke and mirrors and if their ability to generate that type of income is why you want to work with them – ask to see the evidence – the numbers do not lie!
  • When it takes 6 figures to make 6 figures that’s not success!
  • The coaching industry is growing at an expotential rate, so get absolute clarity on what you do and stay in your lane.
  • Leverage your experience and your qualification and shout about it.
  • Testimonials are the lifeblood of your business – so build your KLT – know, like and trust factor! And let your killer testimonials do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Don’t try and help everyone – it’s impossible.
  • Create a legacy of under promising and over delivering every single dam day.
  • Motivated and inspired by the cute pics and the stylish imagery – take a harder look behind the scenes – are they truly happy?
  • It’s ok to take a break after working with a coach. Take time to reflect on the learnings, the takeaways and implement what you have learned.
  • Don’t be a coaching junkie! Maybe consider therapy 🙂 it’ll be cheaper! If you feel like you’re addicted to the coaching feeling and can’t operate without it – then you need to seriously get some help.
  • The one thing I can guarantee is you won’t get time to achieve the return in investment that you deserve. (rule of thumb I’d expect you to see a 4 – 10 x ROI.) So every £10,000 I’d expect you to realise between an EXTRA £40,000 – £100,000 otherwise what is the point?

Unfortunately the coaching industry is still unregulated – so do your homework on the coaches you are considering working with.

The top 3 reasons that an entrepreneur should breakup with his or her current business coach and go in search of another one.

  1. You are unable to be honest
  2. You don’t achieve the progress you need
  3. You Define Success Differently

This blog shows you how to spot the signs if you’re unsure, There are great ways of easily identifying if your coaching relationship is working and when it’s time to move on.

If you want a tougher approach – here are 4 Glaring Signs It’s Time to Fire Your Business Coach

I recommend taking time to find the right business coach will change the growth and trajectory of your business and you’ll feel brilliant! With the right checks and trusting your gut you will be able to find the right fit for our business and smash your goals.

Good luck!

PS The coach I saw in my home town is Kim Ingleby – she is amazing and I still see her! I’d recommend her to anyone.

Photo Credit Steven Pahel, Unsplash.

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