It’s that time of the year – It’s planner season….

It’s that time of the year – It’s planner season….

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I was yearning for the FEA Carrie Green planner last year – I had total FOMO! It seemed expensive, I left it too late and then missed out. She sold out – brilliant marketing, beautiful planner. So this year I was determined, determined to bag it.

I knew I had ordered it, months ago…. Even then, when people started posting pictures of it I was frustrated why mine wasn’t here. When eventually it did arrive it did not disappoint. It is so beautiful, so well thought through, it will be a great support. It will make me more effective, more efficient, more productive. Or will it like a news years resolution get discarded, and end up on the shelf gathering dust?

No! Not me! Not this planner! I’m screaming. THIS planner will make the difference.

I guess that’s the challenge, we have great intention, the little girl in us all still loves the stationary shopping…

The UK stationery market will be worth £2.1 billion by 2021!!!

Life can run away with you sometimes. Where did all those days / weeks and months go, and why haven’t you done that thing you were meant to do last week?

For the absent-minded to the compulsively over-organised, planners are there to help make the most of your days. Turning plans into action, and procrastination into productivity – well that’s the plan.

But, and here’s the clincher…

A planner can help you, but it won’t fix your processes, it won’t make you sales and it won’t solve your procrastination. You’ll just be procrastinating in a more organised way!!

It won’t make you make that call, finish that tech or write that blog.

So what’s the takeaway…? By all means buy yourself the beautiful planners, use them, get organised, make “to do” lists, use it for journaling, writing your gratitude lists and set your goals, your intentions and set you up for an EPIC 2019 – but remember you STILL  need to take action.


As I always say…. action pretty much fixes anything….

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