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It has long been suggested and studied, with the great Chinese leader Confucius making the best quote of all; “choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” The inspirational Steve Jobs has even reported a similar response in claiming “the only way to do great work is to do what you love.” After all, we spend half of our waking time every day at work. That’s a staggering amount of time, so it’s really important to keep the love alive. But is that easier said than done?

If you’re running your own business, chances are it’s because you wanted to do something you are knowledgable about, passionate about and have a desire to succeed in. So you’d automatically think you’d love what you do, right?

Running a business is bloody hard work!That’s no secret. In your first couple of years, financial worries, staffing, marketing and sales are a constant worry, and even as you get more established these issues are still in the back of your mind.

How you choose to run and manage theses stresses can have an impact on your overall health, sanity and happiness. At times of worry, stress and need, it’s really important to remember WHY you set up your own business. Use these times to write down exactly what it is you LOVE about your business, why you do it, what made you do it, your goals for the next 1, 3 and 5 years. This will really focus your mind and remind you of why you do what you do. You don’t work tirelessly, injecting all of your mind, body and soul, not forgetting your time and finances, for nothing.

It can be really quite easy to fall into a routine of working in your business day in, day out, with no chance to reflect, enjoy or take time off. In order to stay in love with your business, you must work out a routine that works for you, including scheduling time off for you to spend time with friends, family and doing hobbies you enjoy.

For those of you that really don’t love what you do, what are your options? Do you give in and try and find that perfect job that you hope to love? Chances are if you’ve already got to the point of really disliking your job, it’ll be hard to change that mindset. What would it take for you to love it? More money? Better staff/management? Working less hours? None of these things offer a quick fix, and depending on whether you own/run the company or are an employee, the chances are these changes aren’t going to be implemented very quickly and even if they are, there’s no guarantee you will then love your role.

Despite being the longest thing we ever do, life really is quite short. It’ll whizz by and before you know it, you may realise you’ve spent half your life in a job you hate. Work out what you want, what will make you happy and make the change. Before it’s too late.


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