Why September is the new January

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Do you remember the end of the summer when you were little, the days were getting cooler, the nights starting to draw in. The eager anticipation of getting back to school. The best bit – OMG the stationary shopping was the BEST!

New pencils, always a new pencil case, new sharpies, and who ever used a protractor?  Yes of course new school shoes and the endless queueing in Clarks for school shoes – whatever did happen to the feet measuring machine you had to put your feet in, and it would slowly close and measure your feet as if by magic? Now that was the best bit, maybe even more than the stationary shopping! (don’t tell my girls – they LOVE stationary shopping).

You got to school, keen to hang out with your old friends and curious about the new ones. Excited by the new books, the new subjects and anticipation of things to come…


So, if your business year hasn’t turned out the way you had planned. This is a great time. The best bit is you get to press the STOP button, the R E F R E S H button and treat September like a brand new start.

On September 1st there will be 122 days until the end of the year.  (don’t start me on how many days there are until Christmas!)

122 days to achieve the business goals you set yourself at the start of the year, when you were full of great intent, full of energy and determined. But now its the end of August and you’re just chuffed just to have survived the summer holidays!

My advice? Treat September 1st like its a brand new year! Join me and press R E S E T and lets get to work on you and your business goals. Lets get down and dirty with the detail and lets help you get committed to achieving your goals – NO MATTER WHAT!

To your success



The Master Fixer


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