How To Get Your Zen on as a Small Business Coach

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It was World Meditation Day was last week and yes I was too busy to be all Zen – life as a small business coach is still busy during lockdown.

But did you know that business people are returning their suits and swapping them for joggers 

Ok, so inhale, exhale and repeat and keep doing this until you notice a difference. You have a choice to make a chance and this is the time…

Have you been able to slow down? It is wrong to admit that I have actually enjoyed the act of slowing down during lockdown, but then one of my intentions for 2020 was to slow down and believe it or not one of my significant intentions was to achieve 8 hours sleep a night. I’d really recommend that you Learn how to teach yourself how to sleep better.

But if you are still Addicted to the BUSY and wear it as a badge of honour then here are 7 simple and quick ways to find stillness surrounded by the chaos anytime.

How To Get Your Zen on as a Small Business Coach
Small Business Coach

1. Close your eyes.

I know it’s hard – right? Learning to slow down your mind, and your thinking. Years ago I tried yoga, but at the end when they were saying clear your thinking I was thinking what I needed to pick up from Sainsburys on the way home! Fast forward too many years and I am happy to say – I am work in progress when it comes to clearing my mind. It’s simple and it gets easier with practice, but it’s not easy. 

2. Surround Yourself with Love

Call a friend and tell them you love them – surround yourself with people you love and ditch the drama and the energy vampires. 

3. Walk it out – every single day

The lockdown has forced many of us to slow down and we’ve been encouraged to take exercise every day. I truly hope this habit remains and becomes our new normal.

4. Learn How to Breathe Properly

Most of don’t breathe properly. It’s always something we take for granted but taking a few minutes to pause and focus on regulating your breathing helps – it will help clear your thinking, support your activities.

Breathing is life. Taking a deep breath is not only good for your respiratory system, it helps with relaxation.

5. Be an early bird

Lots of people swear by the thought of an early start. I’ve done the Miracle Morning. I loved it, got so much done, but had to go to bed at 9pm! Getting up at 5am is not for me.

I’ve tried the 5am club, again, needed to be in bed by 8pm / 9pm, so as a small business coach that is just not practical.

I love the idea of a winning morning routine but anyone who says you have to dance around the kitchen like you’re at a club with loud music, after doing your meditation, your journaling and your exercise clearly has never had kids!

Try getting them up (when they love their bed), dressed, breakfasted, school bags, last minute homework, had them spit up on you (if they are that little)! Getting them out of the house in a coat with all their stuff is no mean feat, then in the car and off to nursery, childminders, or school.

By the time you get back in the car, navigate through the rush hour (which seems to go on for longer) and then collapse in your chair at your desk whether you’re at someone’s office or your own you feel like you’ve done a full day and you’re ready for a nap!

I want something I can do consistently every single day, so I think I’ll stick to getting up, brushing my teeth, having a shower then planning my day – the bonkers morning routine will have to wait its turn!!

6. Guided Meditation

If you find it hard to slow your thinking and the thought of switching off leaves you reaching for your phone, then try a guided meditation. There are so many to try… When I was in LA a few years ago I was introduced to Unplug which I just loved… very LA!  I still use the app – it’s worth a go…

Many people recommend meditating for at least twenty minutes each day to help clear the mind and promote good mental health. One of the great things about meditating is that no experience is necessary to join in a meditation session and it can be done virtually anywhere and at any time and it’s totally free.

Find a peaceful spot where you feel relaxed and happy, preferably in nature if at all possible. Close your eyes, relax and reflect. Some find that concentrating on a single sentence helps them to focus and help clear their mind, while others prefer gentle  music. If this doesn’t work for you then try a guided meditation

7. Let Go of Stuff that doesn’t work for you.

You can deal with this practically and logically or spiritually – totally your call.

Here’s a thing, stop stressing over the stuff you can’t control – it will not help or serve you. Don’t sweat the small stuff and practice letting go.

Breathe it out / count to 10 – find what works for you and do that.

Holding on to anything is not a healthy practice. Start small and practice letting go in very small ways initially.

Happy slowing your life and breathing down in lockdown.



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