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OK – have i got your attention?? So while you’re at it



Ok it’s hard – I really do get it. Social media is amazing but let’s be honest it’s where we can see everyone else’s achievements in all their splendid glory.
So when it comes to comparing what’s happening in our lives, it’s pretty hard when we are faced with it day in day out, scroll in scroll out.
Here’s the reality check  – YOU STILL DON’T HAVE TO COMPARE!!! Life is not a competition to who earns the most money, whose kids are doing the best at school, or who have the best grades, whose business is moving the fastest, whose got more clients an who is ‘doing better’
The fastest way to ruin your own stuff is to start comparing with other people. Think of when you start to compare and how it makes you feel?


1. We most often compare the wrong things.

Let’s face it we do compare lots of totally irrelevant information. Don’t get me started on what we compare as somewhere along the way, we decided that we could determine who is living a more valuable life by comparing clothes, cars, homes, money, beauty, or Instagram followers. Externals are rarely a good measure. Net-worth has never been a good indicator of self-worth.

2. We always compare our worst with their best.

This is a LOSE  / LOSE strategy. People generally project their “best” version of themselves on their social media. Is it real? Hell no! There will always be people who “appear” to be better off than you and seemingly live the perfect life. #Truthbomb – no ones life is perfect!

3. There is no end to the comparison game.

There is an infinite number of categories upon which you can compare yourself… and an almost infinite number of people to compare yourself to. This is a never ending list and it is a thankless tasks – so I implore you to STOP!

4. One step closer.

The goal is not to be perfect, the goal should always to be better than yesterday. One step at a time.

5. Comparison puts your focus on the wrong person.

You can only control your life. When you regularly compare yourself to others, you’re wasting precious time and energy focusing on other peoples’ lives rather than our own. It’s boring and its a total waste of your precious energy.

6. Comparison is a happiness vampire.

Comparing yourself to others will always cause you to critically question your life and not in a good way. I am not a psychologist, but I would bet money (and I’m not a betting person) that if you were to measure your happiness at the start of the comparing and again at the end you’d be horrified. Comparison sucks the living daylights out of any happiness you may have with your business.

Comparison is a choice. So choose to be smart and make an active choice not do it.


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  1. Great blog post and very true. As a born perfectionist, I always used to be comparing myself to others but now I focus on myself and *try* to not compare as much. Everyone is different behind their social media (and closed doors) and it’s really raaag to forget this. Fab advice as always, Linda!

  2. Hi there Michelle thanks for commenting I really appreciate it.
    I agree comparing does not make us happy.
    So don’t watch others success be the best version of you every single day! X

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