How I Know You’re Suffering From Imposter Syndrome Too.

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Believe it or not we are now into August, we are firmly past the halfway point of the year. But why wait until January for a ‘new you’? Personally, I see no better time than the present to switch things up, work on myself and ultimately grow my business. When I say this to my clients, time after time they will tell me they aren’t ready, they don’t have the experience or the prowess to take the much needed next step. Sound familiar? Their response assures me of one thing; they’re suffering from Imposter Syndrome. It’s something I spent years dealing with, but didn’t know it had a name!

How she had me at hello… and you can too!

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I know, a weird title for a blog, but it’s been in my head for weeks. She had me at hello – a phrase that expresses affection, popularised by Tom Cruise in the movie Jerry Maguire. Essentially to imply – you need not say anything else, I am in, I bought in, I am convinced. I need nothing more. I have no more questions – just sign me up. I am in!

Are you playing it too safe?

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Today on International Women’s Day we celebrate the women who have gone before us and the young women who will follow us. I’m sitting here at Red Maids’ High School, which is the oldest girls school in the UK, celebrating International Women’s Day at a brilliant event called Brave Bold & Bonkers with Freelance Mum. It’s particularly poignant as my daughters attended this school and had the most amazing and happy school years, my business is a proud sponsor of Freelance Mum and many of my clients are freelancers. Happily  bumped into Lisa Brown, the Head Teacher who has known and supported my girls since they were both 7 years old. Today is a happy day 🙂