7 Top Tips For Working From Home For a Busy Entrepreneur

7 Top Tips For Working From Home For a Busy Entrepreneur

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Working from home is brilliant in so many ways. One of those ways is being in control of your own schedule, and you can do that better when you learn how to work more efficiently. Give these ideas a try and let me know what you think of these tips for working from home. What will you do with the …

5 Stress Busting Tips For an Entrepreneur!

5 Stress Busting Tips For an Entrepreneur!

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Running your own business can sometimes feel like you are in that constant state of high-alert, you’re continually in “fight or flight”, and people around you see you as stress out of constantly “wired.”  You can’t seem to settle or sit down and you’re constantly on the go. People rely in you to do stuff, everything is on your shoulders, …

It’s that time of the year – It’s planner season….

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  I was yearning for the FEA Carrie Green planner last year – I had total FOMO! It seemed expensive, I left it too late and then missed out. She sold out – brilliant marketing, beautiful planner. So this year I was determined, determined to bag it. I knew I had ordered it, months ago…. Even then, when people started …

5 Ways To Tell You’re a Passionate Entrepreneur

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Think of a stereotypical entrepreneur –  which words do you use to describe them? Dedicated? Optimistic? Goal driven? Passionate? Now answer this question – Do the following traits, characteristics and quirks describe you? If  yes then, you’re a passionate entrepreneur!   You take action. Creating a perfect business plan is one thing but you believe that life experiences, being able …

4 Top Tips on How to Have a Guilt Free Holiday While Running a Business

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We all know that every now and again we all need a break. But when you’re running your own business it’s hard to feel like you can take a step back without your world having crumbled in on you when you get back. Going on holiday and spending time with family and friends never used to be such a daunting task, so here are my top tips for getting back those guilt-free days off:

Are you using your kids as an excuse not to work on your business?

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Having children changes your life. Even if you plan for the changes, they’ll still hit you harder than you’d have thought possible. It can be particularly challenging if you have your own business, but with careful planning, the right support team and a bucket load of determination, you can wear both the Mum and the Entrepreneur hats. Here’s how…

Is your relationship killing your business?

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My theme of March is ‘You’re Worth It!’ Because, let’s face it, you are. Every single one of you has started your own business and your own empire. You’ve taken that courageous step into entrepreneurship, which totally makes you a boss. So I intend to guide you through March, giving you the help, support and love you need to make this month your best yet. Are you ready?