How to position yourself as an expert

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Is your social media feed filled with self proclaimed experts? Mine is! On a good day I’m inspired and curious and want to know more about why and how they are experts. On a bad day, I’m angry and frustrated with a side order of jealously.

Now I don’t regard myself as an expert, I still think with 30+ years business turnaround and coaching experience, and MBA, professionally qualified as a coach and a handful of other very specific business qualifications I am still work in progress. But I do believe I am someone who can make a difference to many businesses. I deliver achievement. Read on to hear how to be regarded as an expert.

Why blogging is great for your business…

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Blogging has risen in popularity in recent years since it’s launch in the 1990s and is now a key area within a strategic campaign. Content marketing (which includes blogging, digital campaigns and social media) costs 62% less than traditional marketing yet generates more than 3x the amount of leads. Also and totally brilliantly it allows you to position your opinion, evidence your knowledge and position yourself as an expert! So put simply, you need to be blogging!