2019 Resolutions, Desires or Intentions?

2019 Resolutions, Desires or Intentions?

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It’s that time of the year… 2 days to go until we close the door on 2018 and open up to the excitement and endless possibilities of 2019.
Clearly like everyone else, I’ve taken some time out to review 2018 and set some time aside to clearly consider the coming year. I did all the business planning weeks ago, but I wanted to set some time aside for me to consider my personal direction for 2019.

My 2018 in Review

My 2018 in Review

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It’s that period between the hype of Christmas and New Year. Typically busy in my household as it’s my husband’s birthday on the 27th, so when you’re starting to think about stopping with all the excesses we have another celebration. So I manage to carve out some reflection time to evaluate what worked and what did not! In 2018 I had some great wins and some EPIC failures. 

So as we approach the end of the year, it’s been really powerful to take some time to reflect and take the learning – always the learning.

From the outside it’s easy to project this glossy image of what being a successful business owner is like, the travel, the laptop lifestyle, the great reviews and brilliant client successes. But it’s important to me that to be transparent. As it not all lap top lifestyle and sunny postings.

5 Business Survival Tips to Get you Through the Christmas Holidays Without Losing Your Mind or Your Business

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I loved writing this blog as it’s a subject close to my heart. Here’s my 6 business survival tips to get you through the Christmas holidays without losing your mind or your business. Believe me I have more tips but didn’t want to blow your mind with all of them! I had two little people, a full time self employed job and being a single mum …

It’s that time of the year – It’s planner season….

It’s that time of the year – It’s planner season….

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  I was yearning for the FEA Carrie Green planner last year – I had total FOMO! It seemed expensive, I left it too late and then missed out. She sold out – brilliant marketing, beautiful planner. So this year I was determined, determined to bag it. I knew I had ordered it, months ago…. Even then, when people started …

Kickstart your career this New Year

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As we welcome in another new year, there’s never been a better time to kickstart your career and shape the year you want. With Blue Monday just around the corner and the ever increasing failure of New Years Resolutions there’s even more of a reason to ensure yours are deemed a success 12 months from now. The best way to do so? Turn them into actionable and accountable goals with these 7 simple steps.

5 top ways to get results not excuses!

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Business owners are busy people. That’s no secret. Instead of making excuses they make a plan. They set goals. They monitor their productivity, results and actions to ensure time and resources aren’t being wasted and that the end result is what was aimed for. Having an accountable list in which to work from not only gives you targets to aim for, but allows you to monitor your progress.