8 Things No One Tells You About Running a Six Figure Business

8 Things No One Tells You About Running a Six Figure Business

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There is so much on social media from people either claiming they are earning 6 or 7 figures or they can help you achieve 6 or 7 figures. In my experience many business owners simply want to earn a consistent £5k a month (profit)! There aren’t many I know who really need more than that! I know it sounds counter …

Why persistence wins you an Oscar.

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They say everyone who attends the Oscars is a potential winner, but by the end of the evening there are a handful of winners and a room of losers. Now that is tough! So how so you keep going, honing your craft and persisting after such epic failure played out in front of literally millions of fans watching on TV and surrounded by your famous peer group. How does anyone get over that?

Well, having a goal, a vision and winning strategy are critical steps. But most important a dogged determination and to build personal resilience, and finally be persistence. Pleasantly persistent and consistent. To take action, every single day – no matter what.