What makes business women successful?

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I love love love working with business women, helping them to be more successful, get more achieved, supporting them to get more clients and make more money and helping change the world, one business at a time…

What I celebrate is there are a huge number of inspirational business women out there. Those that have battled the testing times, running business whilst being a mother or wife and those flowing with entrepreneurial mastery. As someone who has worked in the corporate world, managing teams of people as a single Mum, I have a real level of respect for those that do it all. It really isn’t easy, but certainly teaches you some valuable life lessons.

When I look back at those years, working as much as I could around school runs, homework, keeping the house clean, feeding my children, washing, life and working, it exhausts me! At the time, I didn’t see it as a problem, but for someone looking in from the outside, they must have thought I was mad. What did happen is some said I must be super woman – I kind of loved it in a false modesty kind of way! I did it because I wanted my children to be able to have the best start and education I could get them. I did it without the glaring light of social media comparison – but there is no denying is was very very hard.  I admire those that do it now. But what makes women have the ability, the desire and the drive to juggle so many things whilst being in business?

Multi-tasking know how

Women are great at multi-tasking, a trait men seem to lack. Sorry men, it’s just the truth! For centuries, they’ve been expected to run the house, have children, cook, clean and ensure a meal is awaiting their husband on return home from work. It’s been ingrained in us for years, something that as we continue to grow our businesses, has become hugely valuable. Personally I’m all for multi-tasking – it works and you can achieve masses, taking volume imperfect action gets results and moves you forward – faster! But there is still merit in doing one thing at a time and doing it well. I conclude that the optimum model for getting more done is a balance of taking action with a range of tasks and doing one at a time and doing it well – but not necessarily perfectly! Make sense? 

Organisational skills

A lack of organisation will result in mayhem. Of all of the successful entrepreneurs and business women I’ve spoken to, this is the one major thing they all have in common. It’s the one thing that helps them be successful in the first place then enables them to continue growing their brand.


One thing women are wonderful at, is their self-belief. It takes a certain mindset and plethora of confidence to truly believe you can do something, but it seems to be plentiful within the female gender. That self-belief drives them on, particularly in the tough times. It gives them the determination to keep going, to keep striding forwards and to keep smashing those goals.


Confidence and self-belief are tightly integrated – without one, you rarely have the other, and vice versa. Contrary to popular belief, confidence can be grown and worked on. If you’re not confident when you’re younger or starting out, it needn’t be the end for you! What I have noticed is that as we grow older, and our experience broadens our confidence seems to go AWOL – which seems counter intuitive as we should be more confident!! We seem to compare ourselves to those gorgeous / thin / uber confident millennials – they appear (big clue there… ) to have it all. What I have noticed is that they dream big. We were born dreamers – so why does the dreaming seem to disappear with age. 


This is essential, particularly in the early days of business. You’re never going to be an overnight sensation – it’s just not reality. There will unfortunately be times you’re knocked down, your confidence is crushed and people are saying no to your pitches and ideas. Don’t give up. Take it as an opportunity to learn from what has happened, to grow yourself as a person and to continually improve your business. I have clients who were close to giving up when we first starting working together as it seemed that everything was against them. However, they persevered, worked on these actions and are now successful business owners with thriving brands.

The point here is, if you have the organisational skills, the self-belief, confidence to support and the perseverance, you really can go on to be one of these leading business women. Have faith, have passion and above all, really, truly KNOW that you can.

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