What People Say

I attended Linda’s SELLING WITH CONFIDENCE workshop on Monday and just felt compelled to leave a review.
Before I attended I was a little apprehensive, selling just isn’t me, I wasn’t sure that I would gain much from the session, I’m an Interior / Textile Designer, not a sales person.
I was blown away. It was the most insightful 90 minutes I’ve ever invested in. We are ALL sales people! From every encounter on the street to the fist email you send to a client. Linda opened my eyes as to how I should perceive myself and my business. I will definitely be approaching Linda for further advice / training.Hannah Redden

I booked in for one of Linda’s workshops – ‘Selling with Confidence’. Linda covered a lot of content and passed on many tips for success. I came away from the session having identified what it was I needed to work on most which was exactly what I’d hoped to get out of the session. Many thanks!Emma Spillane

After attending Lindas Review, Revive and Refresh workshop I feel motivated and inspired about my goals and how to achieve them. I would recommend this workshop to any business owner. Thank you Linda xJessica Crane

My job is my passion, and so are my family, so when I had to make some big changes in my life, to transition from Mummy to Business Woman, to step up the game and review my business offering, I needed to think long and hard about the right person. I needed someone sassy and savvy, diplomatic, solutions orientated, experienced and also human.
***Drum roll***Linda Davies-Carr, aka Master Fixer. She heard my call in my absolute vulnerability and set forth to support me in making these life changes. I now have an action plan and strategy to work from. I am focused, excited and back on track after almost giving up.
I like straight talking people who I respect. And Linda is most certainly the person I would recommend to anyone in a similar situation, or to someone who needs tot ale the bull by the horns and get serious about their business.
Thank you, Linda, I am thoroughly enjoying this journey. KamKam Birdee Wright

Linda was great to work with! I had so many ideas and opportunities buzzing around in my head, I needed help, so I decided to work with Linda. After our strategy session I felt I had a clear and focused road map to take my business forward. I’d never worked with a coach before, so I had no idea of the benefits. But after working with Linda I definitely know and appreciate the benefits. I also found our monthly sessions really helpful, they kept me on track and motivated. Linda keeps it real, no waffle but also making it fun and enjoyable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Linda to anyone who’s looking for a coach.Maggie Cousins

Wow. Linda really is a master fixer.
She’s funny (not in a jokes kind of funny, but she’s soooo observant that funny observations pop up all the time and make her session so much fun), she’s quick to grasp what’s going on, and she’s got one super smart and sharp brain. She got to the core of my issue, helped me see the way around it, and has helped me feel that it’s possible. I’m officially a big fan!Claire Stone

Let’s just say, in the first five minutes of a call, Linda helped me smash through a problem that had been blocking me for months. Linda is very down to Earth and straight talking. Taking a very much appreciated no-frills approach she got me straight to the heart of the issue, which turned out to be something I’d not even considered. What was starting to feel heavy and impossible now feels light and the path forward is clear.Victoria Teasdale

Wow! Feeling so so excited after our session this morning. In a matter of minutes you cut through all the fog that’s been clouding my vision for the last few months. You helped bring clarity and focus to my thinking and I am chomping at the bit to implement the action plan we created. I’m so close to and so passionate about my business that sometimes it’s hard to stand back and take an objective point of view. You helped me do this with ease and it became really clear where I would benefit from implementing changes. Feels like I’m stepping into 2017 with a master plan and I can’t wait to get started xBecky Barnes

One word: Brilliant!! Linda helped me create a brand new side to my networking events which is sooooo spot on! Working with Linda is exciting and you know she’ll always produce the best approach for you that is bursting full of actionable steps. I took her advice and implemented it straight away! And of course I was lucky enough to have Linda as the first guest expert for Come Network With Me The Expert Series. Linda ran an intensive goal setting session and everyone was completely captivated and writing down every word she said! It was powerful, relevant, motivating, inspiring and funny! Linda used real examples from her clients to demonstrate how to create goals with purpose. The session was hugely valuable & interesting, and the feedback from my guests was amazing! I would highly recommend Linda for anyone looking for a straight talking action taking coach with passion & enthusiasm for getting your business to reach the place you really want it to be. 5***** Sarah Cook

Linda really is a master fixer! I’ve met with her a couple of times and each time feel more excited for the future and with a clear plan in place. I can often want to take on too much, but Linda has helped establish where best to expend my energy and time for maximum return and happiness. Already looking forward to our next session. She’s invaluable. X Tara Punter

I had a great chat with Linda today. She gave me some great tips and advice for my social media pages and had great warmth and genuine interest in my business. Thank you Linda Rebecca Morse

Linda kindly met me for a coffee to give me some advice on my pitches. Within minutes she had suggested a few changes which made the world of difference! Thank you Linda x Lisa Lewis

I had a great chat with Linda today. She gave me some great tips and advice for my social media pages and had great warmth and genuine interest in my business. Thank you Linda Rebecca Morse

Linda is an awesome de-clutterer of mental funk!
I wasn’t short of business-generating ideas (some better than others admittedly), but I really didn’t know where to start when it came to implementing them.
Linda invited me to one of her Business Strategy Days, and since she comes highly recommended by a number of my other business contacts, I jumped at the chance to work with her. In just a few hours, we identified which ideas were keepers and which should be replaced by some of Linda’s better ones.
Having ideas is one thing, but I soon realised that the chances of me actually implementing them would greatly increase if I built them into an effective Business Strategy… which is what Linda excels at.
We talked about my clients and came up with 3 different pricing structures. We talked through my service offering and decided it could be broadened. We came up with some new products and services to diversify my target market. And I’m now thrilled to say that I have a business offering I am very proud of and excited to promote.
On a personal note, working with Linda is so easy! She gets straight to the point and tells you exactly was is and isn’t working, gives you firm push in the right direction and tells you to get on with it – just what I needed to get through my befuddlement.
Thank-you Linda! Laura Stevens

Linda’s gives honest and practical advice, just what I needed. She has a huge amount of business experience and makes me laugh 🙂 definitely recommend. Rosie Letts

I had a very illuminating session with Linda last week and came away from it buzzing and excited about where I can go with my business. Linda is straight talking and no nonsense, whilst at the same time being really warm and easy to talk to. She has given me some great ideas and practical advice and I would not hesitate in recommending her if you need some solid advice on how to grow your business. Thanks Linda and look forward to hopefully working with you again soon 🙂 Stephanie Miller

A problem shared is a problem fixed, especially when it comes to The Master fixer.
Linda is straight talking but that’s what you need. We all need someone who gives, directly actionable advice, someone to highlight the tough decisions that are not glaring obvious to anyone.
My recommendation is: at whatever stage in your business, we all need this mentor’s wisdom. After my first session, I have a relevant, actionable list of things to do.
I feel empowered to get on with business, and the things that I love, helping people with digital strategy.
Thank you Ryan Nichols

I recently had my first session with master fixer Linda this morning and it really helped me focus. I started off with nothing but a head full of dis-organised ideas and came away feeling like it was all possible!
Linda asked all the right questions helping me understand what I need to do and to make some difficult decisions – all in our first free strategy session! I felt I was heard and understood right from the off and I’m looking forward to working together in the future … we all benefit from some straight talking and it works! I’d highly recommend the Master Fixer! Angela Barry

Really enjoyed Linda’s Review Revive and Refresh business goals talk today. Great content and Linda is very easy to listen to. Would definitely recommend to other business owners. Thank you x Melanie Gillespie

Absolutely loved “Review Revive and Refresh business goals” talk with Linda yesterday, I got a huge amount out of it. Highly recommend it! Tara Guthrie

I’ve already left a review for Linda on her half day strategy session and as you’re unable to leave multiple reviews for the same business I wanted to share some additional feedback with you all. Linda is by NO means just a Master Fixer by name. With Linda’s one to one business coaching, advice and support I have just secured the biggest contract of my self employed career so far – a high level of monthly income for the next quarter and the very real probability that it will be extended. I cannot rate Linda and her services highly enough. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jo Hodge

After reaching a plateau in my business I decided to seek some help from a coach. Linda was able to help me declutter my mind and really focus on what was important to grow the business even further. I’d highly recommend working with her if you want to grow your business. Russell Anderson Williams

I’m very grateful to know Linda. The first time we met we sank a bottle of wine between us and I knew she was someone who ‘got me’.
I’ve recently hit a wall with my business and Linda was there to pick me up, dust me off and arm me with advice and positivity that has really changed my perspective and direction – in life and in business.
She’s the angel and the devil on my shoulder, offering me guidance and daring me to be bold and ‘go for it’.
Without her support I think I may have just given up. She’s always there to help and a conversation with her leaves me feeling uplifted and that everything will be okay.
Don’t doubt that Linda can help you – she’s more than a business coach, she’s a master fixer. L x Louise Blackmore

Linda brings a focus and drive to the business that turns into practical solutions and positive customer experiences quickly. She’s that safe pair of hands everyone needs. I hugely enjoyed her no nonsense approach. Susan - Head of Operations

Straight-talking and no messing that is how Linda coaches and gets you to explore and manage your thoughts and expectations. She gave me a belief and self-confidence that I didn’t know I had. I have now set up my own business working from home, but all down to us working together on me! She is a legend! Fran - Freelance Medical PA

She’s laser focused, straight talking and brings out the best in you! it’s her ability to share and connect with others on a personal level that really sets her apart. Her positivity is infectious and she brings out the best in everyone! David - Operations

Linda has been my mentor and friend in the development of my skincare and nutrition business. It was difficult to get started and I faced some fears which I have overcome – there are still more challenges overhead but I know Linda is always there, with sensible and practical advice. She is motivating, funny, supportive and the best person to have by your side when starting your new business. She has lots of creative ideas, and has encouraged and supported me in doing things my way so I feel true to myself, which is so important in securing new clients and sharing my business with others. Highly recommend getting in touch with Linda if you’re starting up in business by yourself – she could be the difference you need! Ruth Drury

Linda is an energetic business woman who builds good, collaborative relationships. She leads by example and is a supportive coach and mentor who generously shares her knowledge and experience with refreshing honesty, filling those around her with enthusiasm and the motivation to succeed in their own endeavours. Mel Rees. Director of Marketing.

Linda is a natural leader whose style is one of empowerment through people. As such she is an excellent judge of character, recognising and playing to the strengths in people very quickly.

Linda works at pace, is always passionate about the tasks worked on and believes in facts, not fiction; results are a natural side effect of her approach.

Linda’s true strength is in taking people on a journey in a dynamic yet empathetic style, always ready to adapt and adjust should the situation require and always focussed on making big impact changes and over delivering. Matt Inns. Senior Programme Manager.

Linda is a straight talking but caring person who really knows her stuff. I have come away from today’s workshop with a lot more focus, more drive and ambition. Highly recommended if you do find yourself in the middle of running a business and lose your way, Linda will not tell you what to do but inspires you to realise what you need to do.Lindsey Green

I had my fist strategy session with Linda a couple of weeks ago and since then my head has felt clearer and I have a much more structured way of working. With Linda’s help I have a plan to take the company to that next level and have already started making steps in the right direction. Really excited again about the year ahead and reaching those once unobtainable goals! Thank you Linda!Leanne Hewish

I came away from my first strategy session with Linda with a much clearer idea of what I should be doing and how I should expand my business. Linda has helped me find a blueprint for how to take my business forward and she has introduced me to people who can help me do it. After two years of running my tutoring service I knew it was working and that there is also room for expansion into an agency, but there were too many ideas chasing around in my head. I was unsure which ideas to persue and anyway, I was so busy chasing my tail running the existing business day-to-day, there was no time to develop new ideas. Linda cut straight through all that with some hard questions and by making suggestions that will be straightforward to implement quickly. I now have a much clearer idea of how to expand into a tutorial agency and, very importantly, how to manage my day-to-day workload more effectively. Thank you Linda – really looking forward to our next session.Dr Janet Rose

If you ever find yourself paddling around in the middle of running a business, and have that moment of realisation that you have no idea what you are doing, where you are going and above all – no idea how you are going to get there…call Linda immediately! From walking into our breakthrough session with what felt like spaghetti for brains, to 3 hours later waking away feeling calm and in control was an amazing feeling I never thought I would experience again!Lola Whiting

Before my strategy breakthrough session I felt completely overwhelmed by my start up business. I struggled to pinpoint the services I was offering my clients and could just see my days flying past probably full of lots of the technical term ‘fannying about’! My three hour session with Linda clarified every concern I had and I left the room feeling so much clearer and as if a weight had been lifted.
I now feel more aware of my time and learnt how I can identify where my time is getting eaten so I can focus on my priorities. I woke up the next morning with a new energy and highly motivated to launch my newly discussed packages.
I cannot thank Linda enough and couldn’t recommend her higher to anyone that needs clarity and focus to help them get back on the right path.Georgia de Lotz

Linda and I had a real brain storm over our first 3 session. It has been very enlightening and she has asked me some very hard questions about my business. Its from this that I know feel that I understand my identity within the market place and can move forward in my marketing and business development. Thank you Linda and look forward to our next session.Victoria Rawlinson

Thanks Linda, I can’t wait to see what the rest of our sessions bring!Kelly Challis

If you’re looking for some straight talking, no-nonsense advice and direction, Linda is your lady. She took me from totally lost to having a set of actionable goals and a plan to put in place to approach my maternity leave and return to work. She’s warm, funny and makes you believe that finding a way forward is truly do-able.
It was just the shot of insight and gentle shove in the right direction that I needed, I highly recommend her!Ellie Bowie

Thank you so much for your time with me on Saturday. You gave me lots of helpful perspective on where I need to spend my time and where I should not be spinning my wheels quite so hard. As a result, I feel like I’m finally getting out of my head and carrying out a clearer plan that will take me where I want to go. So excited! Thank you!Jennifer Keeney-Bleeg

I love Linda’s no-nonsense fixing approach. She helped me cut through the junk and the excuses I make for myself and gave me a lot to think about. Thanks 🙂Amy Morse

In one conversation, Linda gave me confidence that her background in business improvement and growth would be a huge asset to any small business – and she helped me clarify my goals too. Thanks so much Linda!Debra Penrice

I LOVE the MasterFixer! She is awesome. A straight talking, knowledgable, expert, fresh pair of eyes to ANY business venture. She got everything that was jumbled in my head out into a clear, concise and goal-oriented plan which we are now both working on to launch my business. I have big plans for my future and I firmly believe that Linda has sped my progress up by at least six months. I can really see my business turning over a decent profit by the end of the year now. With her support, I am going to be able to find more clients, make more money and I’m ALREADY sleeping better at night! Cannot recommend her enough!! Thanks LindaMichelle Abbaispour

Linda is just incredible! Had 1:1 session and just LOVED it! She put my marketing strategy in action with a very sharp edge and total understanding of the Industry I’m in- Cosmetic Micropigmentation or better known as Semi-Permanent Make Up. I am still buzzing and my head spinning with all we covered. Luckily, I opted for another 3 follow up sessions. I know that with Linda’s coaching, there’s no stopping me 🙂 Thank you Linda!!!! Olya Tout

I spent a session with Linda today working through her half day VIP Strategy session.
All I can say is WOW!!!
She took a jumbled mess of ideas in my brain and translated them into a straightforward, easy to understand plan that is now clear and more importantly actionable to work on.
Thank you Linda – in the words of Jimmy Cliff “”I can see clearly now the rain has gone!””
I can’t wait to sign up to your 1:1 coaching sessions, after today I have no doubt they are worth every penny.Jo Hodge

Linda is Master Fixer by name and Master Fixer by nature! The moment you meet her, you’ll see she just can’t wait to get working with you- she sees solutions, before you even see problems! We had a Business Strategy session, which was a real eye opener to me. As some one once said to me, any one can have a good idea, but not any one can have a good idea and make money from it. Linda took the ideas, out of my head and drew up a plan. If you’re ready to press ‘go’ on your business, Linda is the Master Fixer to work with. Faye Dicker

Linda is fantastic! She helped me get some much needed clarity this morning and gave me actionable steps that I can implement right now to move my business forward. Linda is a great listener and I felt like she really saw into my soul even though we’ve only just met properly! She offered excellent, non-judgemental advice and helped me see solutions to the problems I’ve been worrying about for weeks. I highly recommend working with Linda if you need some direction and no-nonsense strategies for positioning, pricing and even sales and marketing. Thank you, Linda, for decluttering my brain!
I would also recommend Linda’s goal-setting and planning workshops, she gives great guidance in a group setting as well as one-to-one. Sophie Carefull

Our free 1 hour with Linda was really beneficial, we got so many pointers and ideas for the business. She helped us get more clarity on our plans for the future and showed where gaps were in our services – all just in an hour! We’re really looking forward to working with Linda to shape up the next steps! Anna Mapson

I started my business as a Weight Loss and Nutritional Advisor in January – and it has become very clear to me that I need guidance! Whilst I have every confidence in my services, I am no marketeer! After my 3 hour strategy session with Linda I now have clarity on what I’m offering and to whom. I feel she very quickly ‘sussed’ me and knows exactly how to push me forward. As she says, she won’t do the hard work for me but she will guide me and will be ‘holding my toes to the fire’ – and boy do I need that! With my new BFG (Business Fairy Godmother!) the future looks bright – and profitable! Jane Mallett

Wow! Linda is a straight talking, critical friend in your business. She listens intently and quickly understands your needs, providing instant creative solutions. If you need a business coach who is full of fabulous ideas, and you are looking for instant results, look no further than the Master Fixer! Tracey McCarthy

Linda arrives with enthusiasm a smile and my drink of choice (hot chocolate).
We are a new partnership but I believe together we will push my business forward. Linda’s wealth of experience, knowledge and empathy comes across in our strategy meetings. I think our straight talking approach helps us work together as a team.
Thanks Linda.x TJ Jagger

I heard Linda talk at an event yesterday and the advice she gave in just 20 minutes was inspirational! She gives straight talking, no-nonsense business advice and ideas that you can start using in your business immediately. She clearly has a wealth of experience in business with a proven track record of getting results. I definitely recommend. � Amy Coe

Before I met with Linda, I thought about what I could expect from my session with her and this is what my extensive trawling of Google told me I could expect from a business coach.
“Business coaching is a process used to take a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be. A business coach will assist and guide the business owner in growing their business by helping them clarify the vision of their business and how it fits in with their personal goals.”
Having had 3 delightful hours with Linda talking about my business, I can honestly say that she does this and more! There was no magic wand waving, hand holding or “This is what I think you should do”, but a robust discussion about what I can do to develop my business. Linda asked me challenging questions which on reflection, cleverly guided me to think more analytically and strategically about the growth of my business. I felt very empowered after my session with her as she made me realise that actually I have all the tools needed to make a success of my business. She just cut to the chase and helped me understand which ones I need to use and more importantly, when I need to use them.
Ask her for her favourite quote of the afternoon and I bet it’ll be one about glitter!!
Thanks Linda. Huge help x” Jenny Shaw

I’ve had 4 new clients in the past 2 weeks, it’s because she makes me go for it and helps me believe I can. Without her, I’d be lost! X Tara Punter

Her business acumen together with the skill of engaging the right people at the right time are a powerful combination. Linda is extremely driven and is a true people person and always encourages a collaborative and open way of working, implemented through her excellent interpersonal skills and her ability to build strong and effective business relationships. Katie - Head of HR

She cuts straight to the heart of a problem, all the time supportively challenges you to continuously improve. If you are looking to drive efficiency and culture change through your organisation, then look no further than Linda, as she has a tried and testing toolkit. Anthony - Financial Director

She’s a breath of fresh air! She helped us see through the day to day chaos and develop winning strategies and plans to make a difference. Sam - Head of Services

The thing that really sets Linda apart though is her people based approach, which I think puts her on a different level to most people I know. Linda can be demanding, but only in the sense that she demands people to be their best and to give their best. In that way she’s a great coach and mentor. Bryan Change Consultant

A Hugely Supportive Coach
Linda is an energetic business woman, a hugely supportive coach and mentor who generously shares her knowledge and experience with refreshing honesty, filling those around her with enthusiasm and the motivation to succeed in their own endeavours. Mel Head of Marketing

Linda has the commercial acumen and desire to improve business performance coupled with a natural appreciation of how to read and motivate people that provides her with a highly prized skill set. Peter Lear

Lindas great strength is in quickly identifying the impovements needed within an operation and galvanising effort and relentless focus behind executing fast changes which deliver immediate improvements. Decisive and resolute she is capable of making a rapid impact and as such she is ideally suited to turn around situatons that require strong Leadership and a broad range of skills. Simon Furnell. Director of Customer Service.

I have known Linda for several years & I can only recommend her. She is passionate, focused and productive, highly skilled and full of knowledge. From growing business to coaching and mentoring, Linda has a wide range of skills to enhance your productivity, performance and confidence in so many areas. She is a dynamo who will add value to your life and I am proud to have worked and presented with her. Kim Ingleby