Why accountability is the entrepreneurs secret weapon for faster successful growth?

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Running your own business is hard work. I guess if it was easy everyone would do it!

So whether you choose a coach, a mentor or a buddy – choose carefully and choose someone who will hold your toes to the fire!

While being agile and flexible (and I’m not talking Yoga) is a small business owner’s advantage, critical decisions, such as launching a new service or product, are best made by bouncing ideas with someone you trust and thinking things through. An accountability partner can help you identify weaknesses and opportunities in your business, make plans to overcome them and hold you accountable for action.

But it’s not just business – it’s everything. I went to see an old friend last week. Firstly she is fabulous – super bright, generous, gorgeous and has 2 children under 4. I hadn’t seen for for a while, I’d got busy and hadn’t made the effort 🙁 but I had seen a few post on FB that she’d joined a programme and had lost 50 pounds in weight!

When I popped over to see her she looked amazing, said she still had some to go but was raving about the programme. I assumed it was hugely expensive and clearly had this amazing success formula. But when she said, no it was pretty much everything she already knew I asked what had made the difference.

Honestly just the accountability. Someone who was going to ask, probe and challenge what she was eating and what exercise she was doing. Simple? No not really, Again losing weight is not easy – if it was the diet industry wouldn’t be worth the £trillions it is.

We all can find a million excuses to not do what you say you’re going to do, and having someone to hold you accountable makes a huge difference, and it keeps you on track and helps you move forward.

There is no way on earth that I would have finished the London Marathon 2012 if I had not 1) told me family and friends that I was going to do it and 2) got a running coach. They all kept me accountable to get the job done!

So how can you apply this in business?

Well having a fresh pair of eyes and a different perspective is hugely helpful. Sometime you’re so deep into it you can’t see the wood for the trees.

Having access to someone who has more business experience than you can save you so much time and effort. They’ve been there, done that and had the T Shirt for years!

Having someone who’ll ask you the challenging questions and probe and probe until you get to the bottom of the issue is worth its weight in gold.

Accountability really is your secret weapon for faster growth.

I have shared three great case studies in the last few days of brilliant business women who have all increased their business 5 fold!

Yes that’s FIVE FOLD by working with me as their business coach. If this is something you need then please book in a COMPLEMENTARY STRATEGY CALL straight away. You can book it here >> http://bit.ly/businesssuccessapplication

If you’d like to read the case studies here’s a link to them >>

Melanie Gillespie Case Study

Tara Punter Case Study

Rosie Knight Case Study

Remember they are business women just like you and me who wanted more, needed accountability and went for it!

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