Why we Should Celebrate the Sussex’s Goal for Financial Independence!

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Why we Should Celebrate the Sussex’s Goal for Financial Independence!
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Throughout life, we strive for financial independence, as we develop from childhood to adulthood we are encouraged to stand on our own feet, pay our own bills and be independent.

Many small business owners start their own businesses for the independence, flexibility and control over their own time, boundaries and responsibilities. For many the drive is flexibility to manage their life around their business as opposed to the imbalance when you are employed.

I work with many mature business women are choosing entrepreneurship, despite it being a non-stereotypical activity. Whether it is a necessity or simply something different they are actively choosing entrepreneurship over a typical 9-5.

Many of these brilliant women had their children, the children are growing up, the children are less dependant and not so time demanding – they need to live their lives. These women have had the big jobs, the massive responsibilities, the travel, and they’ve hit their 40s and start to take stock and ask “is this it?” Many are looking for something for themselves. Maybe it is a dream of a business idea that held their attention but had been mothballed due to lack of time, resources, funds or thinking time. 

What I do know is that it is their time, and they often crave independence and something for them.

I’ve noticed a growing trend in these women, who are perfectly happy but crave some financial independence. Let’s face it they’ve had the financial independence, managed huge budgets in business, and over time they have got used to not having their “own” money – but they want to feel they are making a contribution. They want to be able to pay for the summer holiday, the weekend away, the extras at school or simply being able to say – “I’ve got it” when a dinner bill is presented.  Best yet – not having to ask “permission” to spend £100 on getting their cut and colour done! 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s surprise announcement that they plan to step back from royal duties and “transition into a new working model” has raised many questions, not least, how they plan to support themselves. In their statement, Prince Harry and Meghan said they would “work to become financially independent,” and published a detailed document outlining the structure and funding of their household.

Instead of the media frenzy and the raging criticism, shouldn’t we be celebrating all the great work they both do, and recognising that in their desire to be financially independent they are in fact role models for the modern generation of royals. They intend to work and build their financial independence. 

Surely after years of “celebrity influencers” and “insta royalty” who do nothing except promote themselves and their “brand” this famous couple are setting a standard and evidencing they are in fact role models for a modern day. They are taking control and choosing to live their lives their way!

Personally I commend their choice and applaud their standpoint.



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