Why You Now Need an Agile Mindset

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Why You Now Need an Agile Mindset

Agile Mindset

Over the past 10 years, Carol Dweck’s Fixed and Growth Mindset concept has taken the world by storm.

It has helped a great many people overcome their life challenges, and get closer to ‘fulfilling their potential in life’. It’s an amazing achievement, raising global awareness of the role our inner lives play in shaping our ability to learn and grow.

To me it was a total page turner and I kept coming back to it over and over again. 

However, are we starting to see the limits of a growth based mindset? Is it time for the next evolution in mindset concepts? By repositioning our aspirations for growth and coping with change in the current climate? 

The Agile management revolution is all about transforming the world of work. So could the agile mindset transform the world of thinking how we approach and adapt to change? 

In this short blog, I’d love to explore the idea of a third dimension:

The Agile Mindset

Everyone bangs on about mindset, it’s the new shiny tool – everyone seems to be a self proclaimed mindset coach – whether they are qualified, experienced or not!

Some claim that success is 80% mindset – blah blah blah. Well of course they would, they are self acclaimed mindset coaches  – right? 

So instead of taking the same path as just about everyone else, what about considering an agile mindset. Developing, creating and responding to change in uncertain and turbulent environments is critical.  Now that would be helpful right now wouldn’t it? 

It’s about thinking through how you can understand what’s going on in the environment, identify what uncertainty you’re facing and figure out how to adapt as you go along. It’s about how you cope with change.

Wouldn’t everyone benefit from this? Not just now but as a taught tool to cope with changing environments and well, life?

I like the fact that the idea of an Agile Mindset is a positive one, because it encourages us to open our minds to focus on people and our interactions with them. How we collaborate with our customers and how we think about our work, our business and how we approach it.

After all, we are all work in progress, right?

You can’t manifest a great business, it takes grit, determination and yes, of course an agile mindset – that is set for success.

The main elements of the Agile management revolution are focus on customers, small teams and networks. As a small business coach I work with business owners who need to master how they work, support and service customers, small teams and their networks. 

Agile is of course so much more than just a mindset. It includes many different values, principles, and practices. But what is important is the human aspect, the sensibility, and the values that are driving those processes, practices, and systems that enable and support change.  Interestingly these 3 elements are usually the key components to helping a small business owner scale their business.

Change is The Only Constant

Understanding that change is the only constant and knowing how to flex, adapt and operate are key and critical skills to success. Backed up with a well thought through strategy and execution plan.

So connecting the agile thinking and taking the best parts of the agile methodology would brilliantly benefit any small business owner. How they adapt to change and how they prepare and execute scaling their business. 

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